20 Birthday Gift Ideas Under INR 500 From Amazon

20 Birthday Gift Ideas Under INR 500 From Amazon Hello Ladies, Birthdays are a sheer delight for all the kids as they get pampered a lot during the whole day! Well, at least they make it sound like " Its my birthday!!" and then get to do anything which they anyhow do in their daily life! I have seen so many kids going all cranky specially on the their birthday when they are supposed to be super chirpy & happy! ;-) Well, getting something for your kid is super simple! Just ask them what … [Read more...]

Garba Ghagra Choli Designs For Girls

By Rhea Garba Ghagra Choli Designs For Girls The year is almost over and we have reached the most exciting part of the year now. With Diwali approaching, the festivities have already begun. We as mothers are always crazy to dress our little ones in the best attire possible. I am sure you must have already short listed what you are going to purchase for your little doll. I am sharing some interesting Garba Ghagra Choli designs for your little girl which you may purchase for her this time … [Read more...]

Interesting Posts This Week On Wise She Baby Blog

Interesting Posts This Week On Wise She Baby Blog Hello Mommies, How are you all and your little ones doing these days? Well, my toddler kid is enjoying her days and recently had her first experience of a Halloween celebration in her play school and she was really excited about it.  It is really great to see so many parents enthusiastic about their kids activities. Well, today I bought some of the interesting posts on Baby Blog which you might not like to miss. Here they go- 10 Baby … [Read more...]

15 Trendy Themes To Make Your Kid’s Birthday A Memorable One

15 Trendy Themes to Make Your Kid’s Birthday a Memorable One   Inspiring themes for your kid’s birthday is all that you need to make him happy and enthralled. The following 15 ideas will help you arrange a kid’s birthday party that will be worth remembering. The Vintage Theme:    It is one the oldest and most original birthday party theme for your child’s birthday. The ‘Vintage schoolhouse’ theme is a great idea for any kid’s birthday. It can be used for baby showers and first … [Read more...]

Baby First Birthday Party Games Ideas

I had never attended any kids birthday party and this was the first time I got the chance to organize a birthday party. Initially I had no idea how to go about it . I thought arranging  food and getting dressed up will be the most important thing and nothing much is needed if you are hosting a party in a nice hotel. Nothing could be far from truth. Whether you host the party in your house or hotel, one definitely needs to have some interesting  idea for kids to keep them occupied .This way even … [Read more...]