Epidural For Pain Free Delivery: All That You Would Want To Know

Epidural For Pain Free Delivery I remember very clearly that as my delivery date neared in the last few weeks of pregnancy, more than anything else, the biggest fear in my mind was the labor – the pain, the pressure. I had never had so much as a hairline fracture in my life – the only real pain I had ever known is that of waxing. So, you get the point – I was petrified that I would not be able to bear the physical pain of labor and delivery. It doesn’t matter what people tell you – Women have … [Read more...]

Love at first sight? Not necessarily..

Did you also imagine that magical moment when you'd hold your baby for the very first time in your arms, cuddle him or her and feel that rush of love and feel all glowly and fullfilled at that very moment? Yes? Ok, Then have some of you had that moment when you delivered your bundle of joy, had him/her plonked in your arms, looked at that tiny face and not felt much? Did that confuse you? Did you feel guilty for not feeling anything? Well worry not and guess what...It's … [Read more...]

10 Tips To Deal With Labor Pain

I realise after my Delivery Story post, I may have scared a few gals. So I decided to do a short post on how one can manage their labour pains better..I'm not saying these tips will help you have a painless delivery..after all pushing a football sized baby out of a pea sized hole can never be painless but they need not send you into a screaming frenzy the very moment they hit. Labor can last a long time and if anything, you need to know that the most important thing is to conserve energy for … [Read more...]

What Is Water Birth – Process – Pros & Cons

Childbirth need not be associated with indescribable pain.  Already popular in the West, water birth in India is emerging as a promising alternative to painful traditional delivery methods. Water is soothing, relaxing, relatively painless, needs minimal medical intervention and is an ideal medium to bring a child into the world. Read - 39th Week & Still Pregnant I doubt any pregnant woman will deny the fact that they all get paranoid with fear about giving birth.  As D-day … [Read more...]