Camel Child Grip Crayons Review

Camel Child Grip Crayons Review A child's creative ability is beyond our imagination and that makes it remarkable to see objects or things from their perspective. When toddlers start to draw in their own sweet way, colours play an important role in their cognitive growth process as they begin to understand and learn to correlate colours with various objects, emotions and elements around them. Apart from cognitive development, there is one more important factor which is not given much … [Read more...]

5 Best Places To Buy Baby Party Wear Clothes

5 Best Places To Buy Baby Party Wear Clothes Hello Super Moms, Online shopping has reached every nook and corner of the country and you can see delivery options to places which you have never thought will be fond of Online Shopping. Well, in a way it is a great welcome change for a developing nation like India. Remember the huge rush to the mall on weekends! And the nightmare of lack of parking space once you land to a nearby mall! Yes been there, done that! :-( The advent of online shopping … [Read more...]

A Cart Full Of Smile – 5 Great Gifts For Kids On Flipkart.

  Yesterday my friend pinged and told me to check out a video “Yashi’s wish come to life” in #Everywishfulfilled. Well, frankly speaking I was in no mood to watch any video as my maid Radha was on leave after her daughter delivered a baby girl and all the household chores were yet to be done. Then more pressing, was the need to go to the market to shop for a few gifts to be given to the new born as Radha and her daughter had been helping me out for the last couple of years. They both had … [Read more...]

Hopscotch Haul + Cowgirl Outfit For Toddlers

Hopscotch Haul + Cowgirl Outfit For Toddlers Hi everyone! I recently hauled some stuff from Hopscotch for my daughter. Anamika also did a Hopscotch haul recently and I'm sure you have watched it. I've been shopping from Hopscotch since my dauhter's birth and it has been 20-21 months. So I trust them a lot. The package took two days to reach me. Everything has been separately wrapped. I got these three things- Hairband Price- INR 149 You can buy some cute hairbands on here … [Read more...]

Mini Haul For Toddler From Hopscotch( Website Review)

Mini Haul For Toddler From Hopscotch Hello Everyone, Today I am here with an unboxing video where I will show all you moms what I got for my toddler daughter from It is just like a tiny mini haul which I wanted to share with you all so that if you too are planning to buy something for your kids, your get an idea about what can you get for them! So, lets see what is there in the bigg box I received a while back! :-) So, basically I have been shopping from Hopscotch since long … [Read more...]

How To Develop Creativity In Kids:Funskool Play Doh Gift Set Review

Hello Everybody, I am here again with a review of a Clay gift set which my niece loves to play with and finds really exciting when she is in a creative mode! Yeah...I mean I have seen kids going too far...! My niece starts drawing something and goes on and on for many pages and then she is restless and the next day you ask her to draw anything she would seem the least interested and we are like "Whats the problem yesterday you were drawing as if there is no tomorrow!!" Well, these are usual … [Read more...]

WiseShe BPC & Hopscotch Mothers Day Giveaway

Hello Moms, Don't we all love giveaways? Now that Mother's day is almost here  Hopscotch  is giving two lucky moms Hopscotch coupon worth INR 1000 each .Hopscotch is a store which I like to visit often because of their concept of introducing something new everyday for babies, kids and moms.Be it apparel, shoes, toys , bags and more , the kind of brands which you will find there you won't find anywhere else.Everything there is worth drooling.I got this beautiful lunch box for my girl there … [Read more...]