5 Benefits of Meditation during Pregnancy

5 Benefits of Meditation during Pregnancy   When I sat down to write this article, the first person who came to my mind was my friend Deepesh who is an Associate Professor at Swami Vivekanananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana. As my concepts regarding meditation are not really clear, I called him to ask about meditation. He simply told me that it is a conscious process and is a journey towards self. It is effortless in that you do not need any object to concentrate on. If you concentrate … [Read more...]

Know More: Pre-eclampsia & Eclampsia

Recently I went to the gynac with a Preggie friend of mine and in passing she happened to mention she'd been having headaches and lower back pains in her 3rd month itself. The gynac immediately checked her BP and her hands and legs for any swelling. After doing that, she happened to mention that, “It's all normal, not to worry, there's no Pre-eclampsia.' Both of us were googly eyed since we'd never heard of this term before so we asked the gynac and she gave us a short description about it. … [Read more...]