Pregnancy & Thyroid – Precautions And Care

Pregnancy & Thyroid - Precautions And Care   As beautiful as the news of pregnancy is, any other ailment detected with it can make everyone worry. Thyroid gland tends to become more active during pregnancy and many times the pregnancy symptoms are similar to thyroid symptoms. The similarity makes it essential to get the thyroid test done if you are pregnant. But again you should not be all tears if your test results show that you have a thyroid hormone related … [Read more...]

6 Amazing Android Apps For Pregnant Moms

6 Amazing Android Apps for Pregnant Moms   When a woman discovers that she is pregnant, her mind is full of questions like what happens next, what's safe for me, should I exercise, what does my baby look like or how would I know when the baby kicks me. Answers to all these questions lie in your smartphone, just go to the store, download these apps and you have the storehouse of information right on your fingertips. Here, we have compiled a list of some of the best pregnancy apps that … [Read more...]