24 Weeks Pregnancy Update by Shefali

24 Weeks Pregnancy Update Hello friends :-) Three cheers for the Viability Week! 24th week it is! Feels like  a major milestone. Few more weeks to enter the last trimester! - Had my doctors's appointment this week and it took us 25 minutes to locate the baby's heartbeat. He/she was kicking the probe and running here and there!! I have gained weight about 8 kgs till now. According to my doctor all is well. I had a long list to ask her. She told me not to have crocin pain relief anymore … [Read more...]

23 Week Pregnancy Update by Shefali

23 week pregnancy development Hello girls :-) It's me again! What a hectic, painful & tiresome week it has been! My labrador had a surgery this week(which later proved to be total unnecessary). So we had to leave our pug at my moms place. I dad to feed my lab at regular intervals by hand and give timely meds. I got so tired and sad at the end with him crying loudly all the time because of his stitches. I landed up with extremely sore leg pain which made me cry. Hubby had to take a … [Read more...]

22 Week Pregnancy Update by Shefali

Hello sweeties :-) I am back and viral is almost gone :-) Time seems to be brisk walking after I hit 21 weeks. Now I just want the time to start running :-D This week I made 'THE' final shopping list. The things I want to purchase before the baby arrives. As I am due in peak winters I want to make sure I have a little extra of everything. I don't want my elders to run around here and there. I want everyone to relax and be at home for the first 2 weeks at least. As planned I will do a … [Read more...]


Hey girls :-) Hope everyone is doing good. I am back not with a bang but with viral! hello viral! I am never the sort to end with up with the seasonal  cold but here I am down with bad cold and cough and bodyache. With pregnancy you also get low immunity. Thankfully no fever :-) I am managing with Sualin and home remedies. I wanted to talk about my diet in this post. … [Read more...]

20 Week Pregnancy Update

I am back with my 20 week update :-) This week was quite happening as this week marked the mid point of my pregnancy. YIPPIIEEE I am half way through!! We celebrated at TGIF with hubby's friends and did a lot of baby shopping as well!! Will mention the details in my next post. Few products are still to reach me. I met some close friends this week too. Meeting friends now is a luxury in itself. I was bedridden the first four months with bad nausea, vomiting and other complications so now the … [Read more...]

18 Week Pregnancy Update & Meet Shefali

Hello everyone. I am Shefali from Gurgaon. You can call me Shef :) I am extremely excited to write for Wise She. I have been a regular reader of wiseshe blogs especially the baby blog :) It is honestly a privilege to write for it. A background about me- I got married to my sweetheart in 2008 after two years of dating. We never thought of starting a family for quite a long time. Also there was no pressure from our parents  so we were taking it easy. Finally we decided to go for it in April … [Read more...]

40th Week Of Pregnancy

If you thought that by now I must be in labor then you are wrong :D. It's kind of frustrating because I have been waiting for the baby arrival since past three weeks. Now, every one around is telling me that first time mom is expected to go late and its completely normal.Oh yaa! Damn! then why were you telling me the other things before :P. Right now,  I don even feel like talking to anyone who wants to pour in advise or pick up any calls .It's not a good feeling at all and poor K is taking it … [Read more...]

39th Week & Still Pregnant

I am still very much here blogging watching and waiting  for my baby to arrive.I always had this thing in my mind that "I will have my baby in my arms by 25th Of June", but now, my baby is going to be a Cancerian  :D As far as baby development is concerned I do not have to worry at all. Her lungs are well developed and she must be shedding the greasy white substance which was protecting her skin. It's so exciting to think that the baby inside me has thick hair and finger nails too.I don't … [Read more...]

My 37th Week Of Pregnancy

I have never been this eager to meet my baby .Just can't believe that I have few days left  to meet the second love of my life :D first ofcourse being the father who is worried that I might forget him after the baby arrives..lolz. I am almost at the end of the 37th week also. It's tough right now as my back has started hurting and Rash says it's going to get worse later :( The feeling of going into labor seems exciting  :D. I don't know why but it is. May be because I have no idea about labor … [Read more...]

36th Week Pregnancy Baby Weight & Baby Movement

Hi Everyone, My scan came out perfectly normal and I am quite relieved. Although before going to the scan I'd skipped a meal and my  baby's heart beat went down. I have been a little lazy in taking regular meals and got a good scolding from everyone around for this attitude. I myself felt guilty for not following a proper routine. The reason is that baby has taken so much of room I am not able to eat my normal meal in one go. I require frequent meals which some time becomes tough for me  or I … [Read more...]