10 Symptoms Of Pregnancy

10 Symptoms Of Pregnancy Being a woman , I guess all of you must be aware of the common symptoms of pregnancy which is the absence of periods. Well, the changed lifestyle and amount of stress has given us many reasons to not worry about pregnancy in case, you missed your periods, as there are other reasons also which cause absence or periods in women. Well, a pregnancy can be confirmed accurately only after a urine test conducted by a pathology lab as the home kits are not accurate in many … [Read more...]

5 Benefits of Meditation during Pregnancy

5 Benefits of Meditation during Pregnancy   When I sat down to write this article, the first person who came to my mind was my friend Deepesh who is an Associate Professor at Swami Vivekanananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana. As my concepts regarding meditation are not really clear, I called him to ask about meditation. He simply told me that it is a conscious process and is a journey towards self. It is effortless in that you do not need any object to concentrate on. If you concentrate … [Read more...]

7 Mistakes Women Make During Pregnancy

  By Ritika Basotia   Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful and cherished moments in a woman’s life. Pregnancy gives immense joy and at the same time gives a huge sense of responsibility of bringing a new life in to this world. But pregnancy makes a woman very anxious, anxious to the extent that she at times commits mistakes unknowingly and stays in an illusion of doing well. But she is not aware that she is doing more of harm to herself and the baby rather than doing … [Read more...]

11 Things To Do When Planning Your Pregnancy

11 Things To Do When Planning Your Pregnancy   Though there is not much to know and the answers are pretty clear.     Yet it is important to keep a check list of dos and don’ts when you are planning on having a child. Toss your birth control – Naturally, if you are on contraceptive pills you need to stop them immediately. For women who have been on the pill, need to be patient and not fret if they take time to conceive. It takes as long as 6 months to a year for … [Read more...]

10 Symptoms Of Ovulation

10 Symptoms Of Ovulation   Ovulation is one part of the female menstrual cycle whereby a mature ovarian follicle (part of the ovary) discharges an egg (also known as an ovum, oocyte, or female gamete). It is during this process that the egg travels down the fallopian tube where it may be met by a sperm and become fertilized. The signs of ovulation vary from woman to woman. It is possible that some women will not even experience ovulation symptoms. The time of ovulation varies for … [Read more...]

8  Early Signs Of Pregnancy

8  Early Signs Of Pregnancy   Are you feeling nauseous? Have your cravings for different food increased? Chances are that you are pregnant and these are the early symptoms that your body is going through. Well, if you have been wanting a baby and trying actively it is a time for celebration. There is a strong possibility that you get an inkling that you are pregnant soon after you conceive. Although, in most cases women may realize only after 3 – 4 weeks when they miss their periodic … [Read more...]

Pregnancy & Thyroid – Precautions And Care

Pregnancy & Thyroid - Precautions And Care   As beautiful as the news of pregnancy is, any other ailment detected with it can make everyone worry. Thyroid gland tends to become more active during pregnancy and many times the pregnancy symptoms are similar to thyroid symptoms. The similarity makes it essential to get the thyroid test done if you are pregnant. But again you should not be all tears if your test results show that you have a thyroid hormone related … [Read more...]

5 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

5 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy Pregnancy is the most important physiological function in the life of a human as it involves recreation of the self. This accounts for many things to keep in mind before conceiving and also during the gestation period. You may heave heard your mother & grand mothers talking about certain things to avoid during pregnancy. Well, Old is Gold goes well with this and they were actually correct about many things regarding pregnancy situation & nutrition … [Read more...]

Do Babies Start Learning In The Womb?

Do Babies Start Learning In The Womb?   Do babies start learning in the womb? When I was a child I remember my mother narrating stories from Ramayana and Mahabharata to me and her favourite was the story about valour of Abhimanyu. How Abhimanyu, son of Arjuna learnt about entering Chakravyuha while in his mother Subhadra’s womb but couldn’t get the skill set of coming out of it as Subhadra slept off while the latter half of the plan was being narrated. At that age I used to be … [Read more...]

Diet For The Eighth Month Of Pregnancy

Diet For The Eighth Month Of Pregnancy   Time to get your hospital bag ready! There’s just one more month to go before you meet your little princess or prince. Post delivery you would be too tired so make most of the time that you have now. Stay relaxed and take plenty of rest throughout the day. During the last trimester of the pregnancy there is a tremendous increase in the speed with which the baby develops. Although all the essential nutrients mentioned in the previous posts … [Read more...]