19th Week Pregnancy Update by Shefali

Hello  everyone :-) Sorry I am a little late with the 19th week update. My inlaws were here as my hubby had to go out of town for some work so was a little tied up. I had a great time this week. Lot of pampering and chit chats :-) My mom in law made two sweaters and a pair of booties too. I loved them and realised how small newborns are. It finally sunk in that I am having a' baby' :-) Thankfully no one from the either side of family believes in not buying baby stuff in advance so I will … [Read more...]

Molar Pregnancy Types, Causes & Symptoms

It's amazing how little we know about our own bodies let alone how pregnancy works. In my post about Pregnancy with 1 ovary, I mentioned a friend who was trying to get pregnant and eventually realised she had a cyst which had to be removed through surgery. She'd been having pregnancy symptoms which made her feel she was preggie. But then her period would arrive and her hopes would be dashed. When the gynac told her about her cyst she couldn't believe it and the Doc happened to mention false … [Read more...]

Pregnancy And Thyroid: Don’t ignore it!

So, we've gone through the basics of Thyroid as well as the Diet to be maintained when you have a Thyroid imbalance. Today we'll be talking about another sensitive topic pertaining to Thyroid and Pregnancy. As we know, the Thyroid is a key gland and the imbalance in this hormone causes havoc on our bodies. So its evident that during pregnancy, the situation needs to be well in control to avoid any mishaps like miscarriage or developmental issues of the fetus. Read -  39th Week & Still … [Read more...]

Pregnancy Myths And Facts

The moment you get pregnant every body has one myth or the other to warn you of.  Some women ignore it and some tend to follow them.  We get carried away by myths because we don't want anything to go wrong with the child.  In India it gets too much to handle and has to draw a line.  I am saying this because some times it just tires you out. Below are some of the myths that I was made aware of.  Some I followed and some I didn't. Before you go ahead you might be interested in reading It's A … [Read more...]