Help! Navel Piercing After Pregnancy

Help! Navel Piercing After Pregnancy Body piercing has attracted so many women all over the world to get the funk and style. Ear & nose piercings have been the most common one among girls and there are others who adore the navel piercing!  Well, the other piercings like the ear lobe, nose, lips or any other one is not affected by pregnancy but the Navel piercing definitely gets affected to the most possible extent. We have several reader queries regarding taking care of piercings and … [Read more...]

Skin Issues Faced During Pregnancy And How To Deal With Them

Skin Issues Faced During Pregnancy And How To Deal With Them Pregnancy comes with its set of surprises. You may develop a new liking for certain foods and dislike the ones you loved. You may suddenly become sensitive to certain things which you earlier didn't even know existed. The glowing pregnancy skin does not show up on everybody. Many women have to deal with new skin problems. It happens due to changes in hormone levels. These are the top 5 Skin Issues Faced During Pregnancy And How To … [Read more...]

Bio Oil For Stretch Marks Review

Bio Oil For Stretch Marks Hello Mommies, Today I am here with a product review which has been quite a hit and raved reviews about it have been all over the blogging world. Although it was launched a while back but it reached a little later in India. I instantly got tempted with this product and bought it. So after using it on and off for a good while, I can finally review this and share my thoughts with all of you. About Bio Oil For Stretch Marks- Bio‑Oil is a specialist skincare oil that … [Read more...]

10 Symptoms Of Pregnancy

10 Symptoms Of Pregnancy Being a woman , I guess all of you must be aware of the common symptoms of pregnancy which is the absence of periods. Well, the changed lifestyle and amount of stress has given us many reasons to not worry about pregnancy in case, you missed your periods, as there are other reasons also which cause absence or periods in women. Well, a pregnancy can be confirmed accurately only after a urine test conducted by a pathology lab as the home kits are not accurate in many … [Read more...]

8 Post Pregnancy Skin Care Tips

8 Post Pregnancy Skin Care Tips How proud we are about our flawless skin? We take pains doing the whole toning, cleansing, moisturising routine to look our best and glowing. We take pride in maintaining a flawless complexion but our pregnancy hormones create havoc and change all of that.After pregnancy, everything changes, even seemingly little things like your hair and skin. Most changes that affect your skin and hair aren't long-term and will resolve on their own, so don't take them too … [Read more...]

21 Ways To Use Coconut Oil For Mom And Baby

21 Ways To Use Coconut Oil For Mom And Baby When a woman starts expecting, she feels a completely different emotion which is rather inexplicable. As she feels her baby growing within her womb, a deep emotional bond of love and affection develops between the mom and her baby. When her gynecologist shows her the babya��s growth stages and movements on the monitor screen during the USG Tests, her excitement level keeps soaring to skyrocketing heights and ends only with tears of joy when the doctor … [Read more...]

My Battle with Pregnancy Acne

Hi all, The “pregnancy glow” has been rather elusive in my case. When I discovered I was pregnant,I was put on progesterone support pills as some of my hormone levels did not seem right for the stage of pregnancy I was at. It was discovered at a sonography later that the reason why my levels were so screwed up was because of my irregular period cycle. At my 8 week sonography,it was discovered that I am actually just 5 weeks pregnant!! Sounds convoluted?? Well,blame it on homones. By then ,my … [Read more...]

Acne Skin Care Pregnancy – Reader Question

Hi Anamika, This is Preetha from Indian Beauty Journal. First of all, thank you so much for wishing on my pregnancy. I need some suggestions from you about what skincare products I can use. Since you are a beauty and baby blogger, you would be the right person to guide as my doctor is too busy to answer questions about face washes. I am in my 4th month now and my face is full of acne and scars. I have been using Vichy Normaderm Face Wash for the last 4-5 years and it is the only one working for … [Read more...]