5 Fun Mango Recipes To Prepare With Your Kids

5 Fun Mango Recipes To Prepare With Your Kids So, its the mango season going on and one cannot get enough of mangoes be it kids or adults! Mango is a great fruit which kids really love during the season and also enjoy various desserts and drinks comprising of yummy mangoes as the main ingredient. Well, there are so many ways of eating this fruit during summers but as kids like there own version of fruits and are sometimes quite picky about certain food, we thought of coming up with some … [Read more...]

5 Nutritious Snacks For Kids

Nutritious Snacks For Kids Nutrition and Snacks are the two words which will rarely look like getting along together especially when it comes to kids. Kids are often more into junk foods for snacks but a worried mommy is always on a lookout of healthy and nutritious snacks. Do not loose hopes when your kid rejects a nutritious snack and rather opts for an unhealthy snack, it is the taste factor that only matters to kids and you too can serve your kid some nutritious snacks by making them in … [Read more...]

Aam Ka Panna Recipe For Kids And You

Aam Ka Panna Recipe For Kids And You The Mango season is in its full swing and the scorching winds are rarely forgiving anyone. It is high time when most of the people are prone to heat strokes and fall sick due to the low hydration level of the body. Talking about summers and that too with a toddler around is one of the critical situations one faces at home. As the temperature really fluctuates from very high to very low temperature of the air conditioned room. The body is exposed to a lot of … [Read more...]

Mango And Banana Smoothie Recipe For Toddler & Kids

 Hello Mommies, How are you & your kids doing this summer season? Summers are at their peak and everybody is busy thinking about how to survive without any health issues in this unfavorable climate. It is always advised by doctors to stay hydrated most of the time during summers. I am sure you all must be busy in taking good care of yourself & your kids to save them from the side effects the season comes along with. Today I am sharing a very healthy smoothie recipe which I usually … [Read more...]

Papaya Banana And Orange Smoothie For Toddlers/Kids

Papaya Banana And Orange Smoothie For Toddlers/Kids Today I will be sharing a smoothie recipe for kids. It has papaya, banana and orange which are all super healthy. Even if your kid does not like fruits, they will love this delicious smoothie. Things needed are- Papaya -  1  cup. peeled , deseeded and sliced Banana - 1 small. peeled and sliced Orange juice(fresh) - 1 cup Milk - to dilute as per the required consistency Sugar as per taste.You can avoid it too as papaya and banana … [Read more...]