Pampers #MagicOf3 NextGenPampers

Pampers #MagicOf3 NextGenPampers As a mother, I have always tried to give the best to my daughter when it comes to personal hygiene. When it comes to diapers, I have always opted for the top of the line ones amongst all the available options. Like other body care products, when it comes to diapers, proper skincare and hygiene is what I always look. And with the advances in technology and product innovation, it is important that moms, like me are aware of the new products out there, because they … [Read more...]

Flinto Jungle Theme And Continents Learning Review

Flinto Jungle theme and continents learning review Hi Moms! Hope you are able to handle the heat inside and outside with equal vigor! With heat inside I mean the chirpiness and loudness of the kids as the summer vacations are going on. It is very necessary to engage them somewhere to have that peaceful time yourself and at the same time make them learn something useful. I came across Flinto Box and thought to try it this time. I had ordered 3 months subscription for a total of INR 1875. The … [Read more...]

Seven Continents Learning On A Globe |Pre school Activity

Globe Making Activity Hi All, I recently did one globe activity with my daughter Anvika which she enjoyed a lot and it was actually very engaging for me also. I am sharing it with you so that you could also try it with your kids.She had recently learned about continents and I now wanted to make her teach more about the globe, the location of the continents, ratio of water to earth etc. which would make her even more aware of what earth is all about and how all continents are linked to the … [Read more...]

Egg Carton Activity|DIY Egg Carton Flowers

Egg carton activity With the summer vacations on, I am sure you all are facing the crunch with your kids roaming around you with their hues and happiness. Not to deny that the chirpiness around keeps you happy but yes, it starves you of your peace time that is there when they are at school or busy with their studies. Cannot blame them, they definitely need something or the other to keep themselves tied up or enjoying. No worries ladies! Let me bring to you an easy activity that would help … [Read more...]


5 FUN LEARNING KIDS BOXES AROUND Kids are our actual teachers who test our ability to teach them well. If there was some exam for parenthood, it would actually be upbringing the kids in a way that they learn at each step of their lives. Today, there are many ways in which kids can be engaged – you can let them drool over some cartoon channels on TV or you could try and play with them all the time. Another way which is quite popular is to let them play games on your phone or watch YOåU TUBE or … [Read more...]

Best Moisturiser For Baby Skin In India In Summers|Aveeno Baby Day Moisture Lotion

Best Moisturiser For Baby Skin In India In Summers|Aveeno Baby Day Moisture Lotion Hello Everyone! Today I am going to be reviewing  Aveeno Baby Day Moisture Lotion.     Price: $ 8 for 8 OZ. (227g) or from Rs. 1100/- to Rs. 1500/- for 12OZ. (354 ml) Availability: Easily available Online Company Claims:   Naturally nourishing, non-greasy formula protects delicate skin and moisturizes for 24 hours. AVEENO® Baby Daily Moisture Lotion contains natural … [Read more...]

Grandma Secrets For Raising New Borns

Grandma secrets for raising new borns We always follow tips given by our parents when it comes to parenting. Ever wondered who gave to them? It has to be our grandmothers. It is said and believed that grandmothers possess all the skills when it comes to raising new borns. If these tips are followed then parenting becomes really easy than many who consider it as rocket science. All you need to be is a fun loving, involved parent. Here are some tips to be a smart mom for your little smarty pants … [Read more...]

Things To Keep In Mind While Massaging Your Baby

Things To Keep In Mind While Massaging Your Baby Massaging is a very important aspect of your child’s growth and development into a healthy human being. It should start as early as possible and should continue until your kid is 5-6 years. This ensures his bones and muscles are developed in the righteous manner and his body is flexible. It also promotes immunity development in the body with right and growing hormones required for complete growth. There are a lot of things one must remember … [Read more...]

5 Quick Lunchbox Ideas For School Going Kids

5 Quick Lunchbox Ideas For School Going Kids Hello mommies, Making your kid eat is one of the most difficult things, especially when it comes to nutritional food. Kids always want to have those junk foods but hate to eat nutritional food and when it comes to packing their lunch for schools, things become all the more difficult. At home of course you can keep an eye on your kid and make him/her eat, but at school when you are not around the lunch needs to be tempting enough, so that your … [Read more...]

How To Treat Diaper Rashes & Skin Problems In Babies

By Rhea How To Treat Diaper Rashes & Skin Problems In Babies Diaper rashes are the first introduction to pain and rashes for a baby and they definitely are very scary for them. Even for the mothers, it is very hard to see their loved ones cry in pain. Many a times, it takes days for the rashes to heal completely and till then it just gets heavy on the babies to bear the irritation and pain. There are a lot of treatments you could do for it and heal your baby’s delicate skin. I am sure … [Read more...]