Adoption III – Adoption Laws in India

Ai??Dealing with infertility is a very sad and emotional issue, one that is very personal and oftentimes not understood by friends and family.Ai?? Infertility treatments are available at every nook and corner to those who are interested, but they donai??i??t work for everyone, andAi??for some they areAi??too expensive. When a woman makes aAi??healthy and mental decision and lets go of the dream of having a child biologically, only then can she fully embrace the dream of having a child through … [Read more...]

Old wives tales – Fact ya Fiction?

The day one gets pregnant the first question is 'will it be a boy or a girl? A baba or baby?'   Of course one can determine the sex of the child through ultrasound in countries other than India. There is an increasing gap in the sex ratio of girls to boys because Female foeticide is widely practised here hence sex determination is banned in this country. The surprise element comes when one does not know the sex of the child and waits for 9 months for the good news. Then again human nature is … [Read more...]

Adoption II – An act of love…

You might like reading the post Adoption - A Barren Womb Having a baby brings immense joy and not having one brings grief that cannot substituted by anything.Ai?? It is a gaping hole in the life of a woman and in turn the life of the married couple who desire a child.Ai?? A child is ultimately a blessing from the Lord and no matter what you do, you cannot change God's will for your life.Ai?? A baby is a miracle but one that not everyone is fortunate to have. Infertility is the biggest … [Read more...]

Adoption I – A Barren Womb….

The pain of infertility is so, so deep. If you are a woman and reading this or you if you are man reading this there is no need to introduce youAi??to the childhood of a woman.Ai?? It consists of dolls, dolls and more dolls.Ai?? Holding them, stroking their hair, feeding them, bathing them, strolling around the house with themAi??and putting them to sleep is what everyAi??girl child does to the doll instictively. All of our lives, we dream of being mothers and of nuturing and raising … [Read more...]

Quick Dry Sheet For Babies Review

I got this quick dry sheet during the last month of my pregnancy and it has become one of my favourite products. It was an impulse purchase. Along with it I also bought the conventional age old rubber sheets, on which, when your baby urinates, it starts flowing or accumulating in the middle like a pool.  These quick dry sheets have a cushion type of cloth on them.  It is not convinient sometimes but that does not deter me from using it. Read- My Diet After C Section Delivery India These … [Read more...]

Hiring Maid/Nanny? – 101 Things You Need To Know

The nanny or ayah(In India)  has often been labelled the third parent.  Washing bottoms, pushing prams, freighting schoolbags and ferrying tiffins is what she is supposed to do but in doing so also does what very few can do - build a special bond with the child.  It is a relationship that has no name and defies all others. There was a time in India where it was a matter of pride for a woman to manage a child as well as the house without any help; but times have changed and so have women.  The … [Read more...]

My Baby Bather :)

 Baby Bather Review The first time I held my little one in my hands I was terrified.  She was so delicate and tiny.  I was baffled.  If she cries will I understand why?  How does one change the nappy, bathe and feed such a little person?  So many questions and no matter how much I prepared for it, nothing compared to the real thing and actually being a hands on mom.  It takes time and patience and slowly but surely you'll see that everything falls in place.  Price: INR 900 from … [Read more...]

Maternity Support Band Review

In my fifth month of pregnancy (around 20-22nd week) I started suffering from extreme back pain.It use to be so severe some time that I needed K's support to walk to the next room. During that period I got this maternity support  band and have been wearing it off and on. This belt is extremely helpful for those women who suffer from lower back pain and I have heard that some women even wear it after pregnancy too.  Read - My 37th Week Of Pregnancy Belt which I bought  from Mom and me store … [Read more...]

Online Drugstore Free shipping Discount

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