Super Cute Genelia And Her Baby Pictures

Super Cute Genelia And Her Baby Pictures The cute and bubbly actress became a mommy last year on 29th November. Well, one thing I really like about Genelia & Riteish is that in spite of coming from a showbizz world, they have shared every little joy in their lives to all their fans. Also, Riteish comes from a political family background but the way he connects with the media & fans on social media is something very sweet. I remember how happy I was when these two tied the knot. … [Read more...]

Five Major Issues New Mothers Need To Handle-

Five Major Issues New Mothers Need To Handle- Pregnancy brings along new challenges and it is like nothing prepares you for it in spite of the tonnes of advices you get from your closed ones! It is something with you are undergoing and yourself need to find out a way to deal with it. I read somewhere that in pregnancy on the road to Motherhood is just like walking in a dark room with no light. You keep walking carefully without tripping until you reach where there is a small ray of light. That … [Read more...]

How To Accept Your Post Delivery Body

   How To Accept Your Post Delivery Body   When I started writing this article, it took me back to my post-delivery days and I realized that I could have definitely handled the situation better. Any amount of knowledge, reading up, listening to people is not good enough to handle motherhood and the changes that come with it. Nothing and I can vouch for this nothing prepares you for it. You have to live it, experience it and enjoy it. With the enjoyment of course comes various … [Read more...]

Maternal Obesity and Breastfeeding

  Maternal Obesity and Breastfeeding   Do you know that obesity effects on breastfeeding? If you have obesity then the lack or short duration breastfeeding occurs. Now artificial feeding is mostly observed that results into heightened risk of obesity in children. The maternal obesity is about public health concern and therefore, today in this article we are discussing about maternal obesity and breastfeeding. In certain researches, it is observed that non-obese mothers started … [Read more...]

5 Useful Workouts To Get Back Into Shape After Delivery

5 Useful Workouts to Get Back into Shape After Delivery   It is not as tough as you imagine it is to shed out the extra fat post delivery. While performing any of the routines if you experience soreness, heavy bleeding or headaches and other symptoms that are unusual you should stop working out and talk to your doctor seeking his advice. The following exercises are helpful in getting you into shape after delivery.     Walks: Walking is not one of the popular … [Read more...]

Body Image Issues After Having A Baby

I never had a perfect figure body which I could boast about but it indeed wasn't bad either. I never had loose skin on my tummy and on the whole I could wear anything which I wish of, after some trial. I did struggle a bit to conceive which made me gain two kgs and in total I had put on some additional 14kgs during my pregnancy. I had a happy pregnancy, if I leave those horrible migraines, which I had to deal all alone in a different city during my first trimester. My first pic was taken when … [Read more...]

My Weight Loss Before & After PCOS

Weight loss has become a sensitive topic now. Post pregnancy body was expected to stay like that for long long time. I have seen my cousins putting on weight and never coming back to their pre pregnancy weight.It did scare me because accepting your new fat body is so damn difficult. I still remember opening my wardrobe , packing everything and dumping all my favourite clothes into bed box .That time I thought I won't be able to wear these clothes back in this life. There was some hope left that … [Read more...]

Where do I start? -Weight Loss Guidelines For PCOS Women

Hmm…now that we have decided to ring in the new year with fitness, shouldn’t we know where to start? Well…here’s your guide. I will try my best-est not to sound preachy, but I want this to be a ready-reckoner on what to do and what not to do before you kick off exercising…all the best ladies!       Weight Loss Guideline   Put your goals on a paper and stick it where you can see it. I have framed the picture in my previous post to motivate me; yes, even on … [Read more...]

Broccoli Soup – No Oil Recipes Vegetarian

Last ten days my diet regime went for a toss and the reason is my hubby who had a long Christmas break .He is someone who never puts on weight and is neither is interested in healthy eating much.After one or two day he needs something interesting to eat and ofcourse how much could this food lover resist so I too had my share of pooris and MC D's and made excuses of going to the gym.The biggest excuse was of the chilling cold winter here . I still managed to cook something healthy every now … [Read more...]

Nishi Grover- Lose A Kilo A Week

When Shweta told me about the new weight loss book she is reading, I got really excited and ordered it for myself that very day and flipkart with its speedy delivery, delivered the book next day itself.   About Nishi Grover Book Lose A Kilo :- Nishi Grover is a renowned dietician with over three decades of experience in the fitness and nutrition. She has had over 700 clients and a clinic based in South Delhi. Lose a Kilo a Week is her first book. In the book Grover provides simple, … [Read more...]