My Weight Loss Before & After PCOS

Weight loss has become a sensitive topic now. Post pregnancy body was expected to stay like that for long long time. I have seen my cousins putting on weight and never coming back to their pre pregnancy weight.It did scare me because accepting your new fat body is so damn difficult. I still remember opening my wardrobe , packing everything and dumping all my favourite clothes into bed box .That time I thought I won't be able to wear these clothes back in this life. There was some hope left that … [Read more...]

How I Lost Weight After Baby PCOS

Hey Everyone! I have been really worried about my weight since the time I conceived. Simple reason is the PCOS which keeps playing with my hormones and makes me feel as if I am going to stay overweight throughout my life :(. I gained around 14kgs during my pregnancy, where maximum weight gain was in the last trimester when in one of the weeks, I ended up gaining almost 3-4 kgs. It was disheartening but I chose motherhood before anything else so I had to face it. When you are pregnant , every … [Read more...]

Vezlay Soya Vegget For Weight loss

In my constant effort to lead a healthy life I keep on trying different products so that my meals doesn't get boring.I like soya nuggets and when I saw these  new Vezlet other day in the super market I bought one for myself.These are  now are available in many forms.I think there was a kabab form too where you can deep fry them and have them immediately but I chose the healthier option .   Calories break down of Soya Nuggets/Vegget 1 cup of  soya nuggets have 160 calories, 0gm fats, … [Read more...]

Broccoli Soup – No Oil Recipes Vegetarian

Last ten days my diet regime went for a toss and the reason is my hubby who had a long Christmas break .He is someone who never puts on weight and is neither is interested in healthy eating much.After one or two day he needs something interesting to eat and ofcourse how much could this food lover resist so I too had my share of pooris and MC D's and made excuses of going to the gym.The biggest excuse was of the chilling cold winter here . I still managed to cook something healthy every now … [Read more...]

Nishi Grover- Lose A Kilo A Week

When Shweta told me about the new weight loss book she is reading, I got really excited and ordered it for myself that very day and flipkart with its speedy delivery, delivered the book next day itself.   About Nishi Grover Book Lose A Kilo :- Nishi Grover is a renowned dietician with over three decades of experience in the fitness and nutrition. She has had over 700 clients and a clinic based in South Delhi. Lose a Kilo a Week is her first book. In the book Grover provides simple, … [Read more...]

8 Tasty Easy Healthy Recipes For Weight Loss

Being a mother is not an easy job.Your first priority remains your child followed by your health, family carrier etc etc.I don't remember taking out time for myself since my baby  birth. All things which I enjoy - be it makeup, food or special things is because of the blogs which I run and I consider my self fortunate for it. Taking out time for fitness is only possible with family support. I do like to go to my gym and so much so I do wish to attend it every single day but my timings don't let … [Read more...]