Chicco 6m+ Apple & Banana Toothpaste Review

Chicco 6m+ Apple & Banana Toothpaste

I remember the initial days when I had introduced oral care to my daughter. Phew!…brushing teeth was such a night mare for both of us.She didn’t like to brush her teeth and I wanted her to get into the brushing routine

She was over one year when I had first bought her a tooth paste and a brush. I  first bought the 12m+ toothpaste from Chicco. I will share that experience in some other post. I had to shift to 6m+ toothpaste (though she was 12m+) to change her attitude towards the toothpaste. …that was just a blind attempt I made. And luckily-surprisingly or I should say fortunately ( 😛 ) she behaved as if she knew brushing since ages.

Chicco 6m+ Apple & Banana Toothpaste Review+how to care baby

Well, in terms of my toddler daughter the easy word definition of Chicco 6m+ Apple & Banana Toothpaste is readily adaptable product. And easy start with both brush and tooth paste for babies. 🙂

This  toothpaste is white in colour  and is thin in consistency. It lathers just right in the baby’s mouth. The brand very well knows that babies will definitely swallow the paste, and thus it is made suitable for babies above 6 months. I used to be worried when she swallowed toothpaste every now and then while brushing  but  she has grown with this paste for so long now and I haven’t come across any kind of issues.

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I have verified about this toothpaste with my doctor too. And I have specifically made him scan the ingredients and other specifications of this product. I have happily received a green signal to continue for daily use.

I myself  have tasted this paste. It is normal foaming toothpaste without any mouth refreshing mint flavor/fragrance. It is easy to rinse too.

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Off late (may be a couple of weeks ago), my daughter has learnt not to swallow the paste foam while brushing. Congrats to me!!!!!!!! :-D.

She is 31 months as of now and is still not willing to shift to 12m+ strawberry toothpaste from the same brand.

  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Price: Rs.249.You can buy it from here 
  • Flavor: Apple & Banana

Chicco 6m+ Apple & Banana Toothpaste Review Flavor+baby accessories

Age limit: 6m+

Package: A soft tube with flip cap. The cap is sealed with a small plastic seal that is to be broken before the first use.

Chicco 6m+ Apple & Banana Toothpaste Review Flip Cap+baby care

So, which toothpaste do you use for your baby?Have yo tried Chicco 6m+Apple & Banana Toothpaste?

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  1. Damn! I neva thot bout this stage! 🙁 🙁 thanks fr the post Chand…m gona buy this one nly.. since Pravi likes apples n bananas this is bound t b her 1st toothpaste!

  2. I got the whole brush set with toothpaste and all..will share review of that soon 🙂

  3. Even my daughter loves this paste….she didnt like the strawberry one much…all the chicoo products are awesome…love this brand…

  4. The dentist in me almost had a heart attack wen my daughter threw tantrums while I took help of another dentist that is her father akka my sweet hubby to brush her teeth.he is the one who brushed her teeth every morning.but we are yet to train het about spitting post rinsing…

    • U kno doc somehow the thot that kids dont kno t spit out never struck m wonderin how d heck will i teach her??

  5. Zara Im with you on this.. how do we teach kids to spit..

  6. Navneet Thethi says:

    this again goes to my list 😉

  7. Navneet Thethi says:

    my son started brushing his teeth whn he was 1.5yrs n so, i bought him the kids toothpaste , i dont remember the name, it was provided by his doc, it was very easy for me , to teach him, or i shud say he learnt it fast

  8. My son is 3+ and he still doesn’t spit out the paste! I’ve given up teaching him and buy pastes which are safe even if swallowed. Tried the trick of brushing together, when we spit, he’ll laugh but wont copy us. 😐 This is a good one, will keep it in mind. Tried asking my pediatrician and he simply said use any kids toothpaste you get in the market, big deal! :-/

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