Chicco Baby Moments Soap Review


Chicco is one of the trusted brands that provide safe products for baby. They say their products are for babies right from their birth month; that is zero month and above. Their baby product range includes Chicco Baby Moments Soap too.


Chicco Baby Moments Soap Review+baby soap


The highlighting factor on the outer carton of the soap is





Chicco Baby Moments Soap Review Paraben Free+chicco baby products

Product Description:


Chicco Baby Moments Soap Review Details+bath soaps




Chicco Baby Moments Soap Review Ingredients+bath soap


This soap is very creamy on rubbing with wet hands. It forms the minimum amount of lather that is required for a baby’s bath. Rinsing is easy too.

One main thing to take note is that the soap does not cause any allergic reaction on babies. This is a tried and tested soap for my baby for quite some time now. I have repeatedly purchased this soap for many times now. It does not dry the skin after bath. Soaps, usually tend to dry the skin. But this is not so.

All new mothers with tiny little new born babies, can confidently us Chicco Baby Moment Soap.

Price: Rs. 85 for 125 g

Rating: 4.5/5

What I like about Chicco Baby Moments Soap:

  • Creamy soap.
  • Lathers in the right quantity.
  • Claims to be PARABEN FREE.
  • Suitable for new born babies.

What I don’t like about Chicco Baby Moments Soap:

  • The mild fragrance which could have been avoided in a baby product.

Have you tried Chicco Baby Moments Soap?

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  1. I myself use this soap for my baby and it’s really good..worth every penny and her skin stays moisturised for quite a bit!

  2. Me too…love chicco products…although i alternate between liquid body washes and soaps.

    • Ya..I used to use pigeon glycerine soap till last month but they r damn pricey so switched to chicco…superb quality..

      • How much are they off and whats the difference you are finding in them Zee?

        • That was glycerine soap no danger of allergies…cost wise was very pricey..about 250 bucks fr a bar..nit got over so soon..I’d need about 2min a nly 500 gone on soap..effect wise I dint see any diff…Pravis skin is well moisturised by both so it’s basically gud nly t avoid d danger f allergies..baki kuch nai…

  3. I use chicco body wash n shampoo for my daughter….never tried the soap… I thought it would be drying like johnsons one…next time i will buy the soap also….

  4. Chicco seems to have loads of variety of products..

  5. I Need this, I have bad allergies 🙁

  6. Oh yes! and i guess we will slowly review them all.

  7. Nice detailed review. I have used many of Chicco products for my son

  8. Tha great to know..would you like to share what are they Jayashree?

  9. I have used Nuby all natural foaming body wash and shampoo right from birth, but since it was out of stock everywhere I was forced to look for other options and dicided to go for chicco. I like most of the chicco products, but they some how got it wrong with this soap. I have used it just once and it burns like hell when comes in contact with eyes. My baby rubbed his eyes with his hands full of soap and he started crying. Never used it again. I want to try the chicco body wash n shampoo, wonder it if it is tear free. Would appreciate any feedback.

  10. Alisha Sharma says:

    Nice detailed review Anamika. Chicco products are extremely good for my baby. They had load of products for babies. I recently shop chicco products from They have good collection of products. It was very easy and convenient to shop from them.

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