Cloth Diapers India

Very few in our country are aware of babies cloth diapers and this is the reason they are not easily available. I got to know about cloth diapers when I was checking out Target’s online website. They had a wide variety of cloth diapers and were affordable as well.

I have been using cloth diapers since Anvika turned six months old and there are many reasons behind it.

  • With a cloth diaper baby gets potty trained fast. My daughter is now 10 month old and now she is getting bit trained. I take her to the loo after every one or two hours and make shhhhhh sound and she pees. Although she doesn’t tell me she wants to, but this is the first step of potty training.
  • It saves a lot of money and is also environmental friendly. Imagine how many diapers each day and thrown into the bin and it takes some 100 -200 or may be more to break them down.If you want to give back to environment, shifting to cloth diapers will always help.
  •  Everybody have some or the other help in India. Be it a permanent maid or parents – they are mostly their with babies so switching to these is not a big task.
  • Chances of baby rash is way less with cloth diapers but if it occurs then you can switch to diapers for a while or you can place a thin cloth on top of the insert so that rash cream does not get into the insert.

Price – Around 825.I know its one the expensive side but its kind of an investment which will last for more than a year.

Baby cloth diapers India

How Cloth Diapers work:-

There are wide variety of cloth diapers available in India now.The one which I have has an insert shown in the pic. One just has to put the dry insert into the outer covering and close just like usual diaper. With cloth diapers one usually gets two inserts free but these inserts are available without the cloth diapers on many online site as well.

cloth diapers potty training

 When the baby grows you can adjust them. They have these adjustable buttons which work like a charm.

cloth diapers India

Cleaning Cloth Diapers:

I keep a bucket of water in my bathroom and add 1 tbsp of baking soda in it. If the baby pees in it then I throw the insert into the bucket and if  she poops in it then I spray off the poop and throw the insert into the bucket.I use my washing machine every day so the next day all these inserts go for a machine wash.I add few caps of Dettol also while they are getting washed.I have front load washing machine which has this facility.

If the baby pees and the outer covering doesn’t get spoiled then you can just air dry it otherwise throw that also into the washing machine. Although soiled diapers should be washed daily.

Also, I don’t use these diapers while travelling outside but one of my friend does that. She  just make use of the zip pouch when she has to change it..It’s kind of little too much because what if baby poops. 😛 You don’t want to carry a poop filled diaper in your bag.Although she is lucky because her baby poops just twice a day at regular timings.

All in all this is a great method to potty train you baby fast and spend less on diapers and keep your baby rash free. Involves a bit of cleaning effort but  it all depends upon on mom to mom situation and preference 🙂

As far as poop cleaning is concerned .Well! no escaping from that.You smell and clean it even when the baby poops in diapers 🙁 ..

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  1. Ana im not a mom …..but i still love ur baby blog 🙂 Keep it up babes!!

  2. Hi , well written! I like ur blog very much – simple but sweet ! Btw, how many CDs per day?

  3. Will it fit a new born as well? Brand name?

  4. No wont help new born that much i believe as new born poo and pee frequently.I think it will be better to use it after 3-4 months if you are really keen.

  5. Preeti Awasthi says:

    Hey doesn’t the outer covering get dirty if you put the insert inside it ?

  6. oh i think she meant the inside covering which will be on top of the insert. is it preeti?

    I am stocking up on some newborn size as well. lets see.. i would like to start cloth diapering exclusively by 1 month..

    i already hav a good chunk of the newborn to toddler size n still buying more..
    also purchasing the traditional squares/flats for extra insert purpose..
    I would like to avoid the disposables as much as possible as i am myself super allergic to these sanitary pads etc..

  7. 🙂 oops, yes, i meant the inside covering on top of the insert, won’t it get dirty everytime the insert gets dirty

    • When the baby poops it will and u will have to change it but when baby pees then it wont as insets absorbs all of it…this is why i didn’t find these good for new born as my baby pooped lot many times that time.

  8. ya i ve read they poop around 14-15 times a day !!

  9. U can put a liner on a CD so the cover will not get soiled. Well, cloth diapering is addictive:-)

  10. I m totally addicted n baby isnt even here yet lol

  11. can u tell the brand of this CD i need one more pocket scouting fr it … true its totaly addictive …im a baby wearing exclusivlely CD mom

  12. Hi All,

    This Post is relatively old, but can you please suggest good brands to buy cloth diapers and inserts , really confused what to buy.

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