Do not comapare your baby with others!


Recalling the growth chart of my daughter,

  • She started smiling when she was 2 months.
  • She rolled over her tummy when she was 2.5 months.
  • Her teeth arrived out of her gums when she was 7 months.
  • She pushed herself and started to move forward by dragging her stomach when she was 9.5 months.
  • She spoke a lot of words when she was 10 months. Her first word was ‘APPA’. Damn….it was not ‘AMMA’!!! How ridiculous!!!!
  • She sat on her own without support when she was 11 months old.
  • She began crawling on four legs when she was 1 year.
  • She took her first independent steps when she was 14 months.
  • She still preferred crawling on 4 legs for another two more months though she could take a few more steps on her own.
  • By now (by 14 months) she spoke long sentences and could answer back loads of questions. Many of her words were very clear.
  • She started walking confidently without any hesitation when she 1.6 years old.

It seems a little foolish that I am listing down her growth like this. But in the due course I have been worried about her milestone all the time.

baby growth


If you look at the list again, she was in her roll over phase for such a long time. When most of the babies could sit and crawl on 4 legs, she was still in her roll over phase. And there are cases when some babies run around at 10 months, my daughter had just started dragging herself forward.

Actually when I knew the rollover is happening normally, she was responding to lot of verbal language, reacting to loads of baby activities, her food intake was healthy and good at every stage of her growth; I should not have worried at all.  But, various external factors push a new mother in to lot of confusion and worries.

First and foremost it is the people (especially those jobless aunties) who instantly begin to compare your baby to other babies and begin to quote the difference. This adds a lot of worries. Do not entertain such people. I gathered lot of courage and would instantly argue back that “she is perfect and that is how she is. No one is in any hurry; let her take her own time.” And my stiff answer would stop them to talk to me at least on this growth matter.

I understood that I should not compare my baby with someone else baby. It is a simple fact that every baby is unique. They have their own pace and their own level of confidence. Do not lose your confidence, and please do not force upon your child for anything that he/she is not willing to. Give your baby your space. Babies know well what they have to do. Just give a good support and encourage your baby.

If you are still not satisfied, the best person to consult is your doctor and no one else. He will give the clear idea of your baby’s growth.

How have you gone through your baby growth chart? Any experiences?


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  1. I really agree with u chandni..I always swore never to compare my babies progress with anyone else but honestly it’s very hard..when someone with a kid the same age or younger tells me about their kid achieving a milestone Pravi hasn’t reached I immediately start worrying if there’s a prob and whether I shud take her to the paed…hehe…in my head I know m being irrational but my heart can’t stop worrying..

    • prerana sharma says:

      Babies reach milestone at their own pace…but its very irritating when neighbors says your baby isn’t gaining weight as per her age…what to say!! I have experienced this…she used to be a chubby ball type doll…but after she started running…her rolly polly figure changed to normal figured baby! and all started asking why is she not gaining weight!!
      sometimes parents don’t want to compare their child but the people around us…the peer…makes things difficult!

      • S true prerana…even if we don’t want to think about it, neighbours n relatives comments force us to.. I have a similar issue as urs…Pravi is underweight n my mom keeps telling me she’s not having enough milk n she’s too skinny…n on the other hand, my i. Laws see her pics and say she’s overweight since n pics she does look a bit golu..I’m so fed of makin each side understand that she’s active and healthy n the doc himself sees no issue… Irritating..

        • Zaaraa… I have gone thru everything… and it is so stressful until everybody is satisfied.

          • Seriously! N everyone seems t think m solely responsible…as per them if baby reuses t eat I shud be reaching right into her tummy n placing food there! N what’s most amazing is that these expectations r from ppl who r parents themselves!

      • I think till the time doc doesn’t say anything its perfectly fine.

      • Prerna , how old is ur baby now??

    • Its true…My baby started walking at the right age but i think she is not gong to speak a fast as others and this worry me..I know it going to happen but the fact that its taking time saddens me although i should just accept it.

  2. Lolz..She right now scolds me through her actions :d

  3. My son turned 3 (years) last month. He is very active, intelligent and a curious child. But he is on the leaner side. I say lean and not thin because his body weight is perfect as per his height but he’s not chubby/fat/round whatever.. And for the longest time I was sick and tired of people giving me suggestions to try and put some meat on his bones! Even his doc agreed that his weight is fine, he’s not underweight, he’s growing well. They forget that his mom (i.e. me) and my mom are on the leaner side as well and hence he’s not going to look like a roly poly ball for them to play with. Now, I’ve just stopped worrying and turn a deaf ear to their comments!

    • You are write..It’s better to accept it rather than just struggling with it especially if your doctor has no issues with it…Also, i think its always good to be on the leaner side atleast you can make your son eat most of the things without worrying about the calories 🙂

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