Dr. Reddy’s Cheerio Gel Review

Dr. Reddy’s Cheerio Gel


Identifying baby safe products can be very challenging especially when there are a billion brand out there to choose from. And when it comes to your child’s dental care, the whole drama may take a stressful turn because you don’t want to end up giving your toddler something that’s toxic or hazardous to her health.

And just imagine the whole trouble of taking your toddler to the Dentist’s office. Will she even bother to sit peaceful on that dental chair for more than five minutes??

The answer is a straightforward NO! So it’s better to save all that pain and choose something that’s free or has less chemicals in it.


cheerio tooth paste kids


And this was suggested to us by family and so we got this toothpaste named Cheerio. This is actually a medicated fluoride oral gel and the only one kid’s toothpaste thats manufactured, tested and available in India for a considerable price.

So here’s my review of it.

Price: Rs. 75 grams for 60/- approximately

Where I bought: From a nearby pharmacy in the city. You can find it in any drugstore around it, most of them carry it.

Packaging: It comes in a long outer carton and the paste is stuffed in a plastic tube.


kids tooth paste cheerio


Consistency: It’s got this super soft gel-like consistency.

Colour: It is bright and shiny red in colour.

Texture: It’s very soft and mushy.

How it works: You need to apply just a little amount of it on the toothbrush and it creates a ton of foam in no time.


cheerio oral gel for kids


My verdict about Dr. Reddy’s Cheerio Gel:

It is one toothpaste I would suggest to any mom out there who is searching for something that’s effective, worth-buying and pocket-friendly.

If you want to save your little child from all those harmful and toxic chemical, yet save some bucks, and if you are a fan of lovely smelling and sweet tasting stuff then may be this toothpaste or rather, this gel is for you. And I have been using this for quite a few months now and I guess this is what all of my kids shall be using in the near future.


cheerio gel handswatch


What I like about Dr. Reddy’s Cheerio Gel:

  • The colour is bright and attractive.
  • It smells awesomely sweet.
  • It tastes like strawberry, which is why my daughter loves it even more.
  • It’s fluoride tested and have got lesser chemicals as compared to other baby toothpastes.

What I don’t like about Dr. Reddy’s Cheerio Gel:

  • It’s too gel-like and so it falls off here and there too often if the brush is slightly tilted.

My Rating:  4/5

Happy Mom-ing Ladies!!

Have you tried Dr. Reddy’s Cheerio Gel?

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  1. chandni says:

    nice one. never knew there was dr.reddy’s oral care for kids too!!!

  2. Piyush Jain says:

    Is it pure Veg?? As symbol of Green or Red does not appears on the Cover or Tube.

  3. Aparajita Das Deb says:

    I got this for my 2 year old and she has this habit of swallowing the toothpaste..what followed was complaints of stomach ache and nausea… then i read ingestion of fluoride causes stimach problems and nausea this toothpaste should work for lil grown up kids who can spit and not swallow!! Else pls avoid tjis !!

  4. delaila Miranda says:

    is this toothpaste recommended for kids above 8 years

  5. It is safe for one & half year baby

  6. shubhashree rout says:

    Me using this one for my 2yrs old baby boy.. It’s not creat any foam.. N black strip is on back side.. So I got confused either it safe for baby or not

    • Arundhati says:

      This toothpaste was suggested to us by a paediatric dentist for our child after crossing 2 years. I’ve observed that after using this one bad breath stopped, which was not the case with many other toothpastes. So I will surely recommend it to other parents.

  7. Can this tooth paste stop tooth decay
    my daughter is 3 years old in her tooth has small hole brown colour can this tooth paste do her tooth decay reverse

  8. Is it good for Introduceing paste for my 1 yr daughter… Coz it’s nt fluoride free

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