Fabric Coloring Fun Activity For Kids

Fabric Coloring Fun Activity For Kids

Colours play a major role in a child’s growing days.

From the time they begin to recognize the exact colors then every other thing has to go on according to their choice of colours.

Colouring books, colour crayons, colour sketch pens all begin to pile up once the world of colours is revealed to the tiny brain.

Similarly, fabrics of variety of colors are also fun. Funnier is the chance of getting to colour the fabric yourself.

Colouring on the clothes will be a new excitement for the kids who have always coloured only on books and papers.

textile coloring for kids

Fabric Colouring pens look similar to the ones that are used in paper colouring. But you should know the fact that the Fabric colouring pens leave behind permanent colour mark. And they don’t smudge or spread on the fabric. They cannot be easily washed away. After all, these pens are bound to be so. Hence, when you are allowing your child to colour the fabric, adult supervision is a must.

There is a chance of drawing their weird imaginations on the sofa cover or on the bed spreads or bed sheets. This will definitely not make life easy for us.

fabric coloring for kids

A dedicated fabric preferably with shapes and forms that interests the child should be chosen for the fabric colouring activity. Make sure the quality of the fabric is good so that the colour hue does not spread out.

We have this form of fabric coloring activity going on in our house from quite some time now. Faces of uncle, aunty, flower, leaf keep flowing out of the pen on plain fabric.

Adult help in doing neat work is of course required. When done neatly this piece of cloth can also be put to use. Make a pillow cover case, or a table cloth for your child’s room. Or simple frame the fabric coloured by the kid and put up for show casing.

fabric coloring kids' fun activity

This is a very unique kind of fun activity for kids. This keeps their interest in colors and coloring at full extent.

Have you tried the fun of fabric colouring with your child?

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