Flavored Cornflakes For Baby’s Breakfast

 Sometime I feel, one day I will be a PhD holder in baby food research work! My 18 months old daughter Raima is such a picky eater that if I repeat her breakfast the other day she will simply turn her head side by side and say “na-na”…..The problem I face is Raima still has just 2 bottom teeth and 2 upper teeth, she cuts food stuff well but lacks the art of chewing food to swallow-able texture through gums. So I make sure her every meal is soft or coarse paste at least. If your baby has more teeth and can chew and swallow food you can just mash it with a masher.

Monday to Sunday I give her something new for the breakfast.

RECIPE 1 : Cornflakes with Chocos-Cardamom-Honey Flavor.

1. Add half cup of cornflakes in 1 cup of warm milk and let it stand for 10 min, the cornflakes will become soft. Meanwhile dry grind half cup chocos in grinder. (chocos does not grind properly to a smooth texture when wet)

cornflakes in warm milk+baby formula food

2. Now blend both the cornflakes and chocos powder in the blender. Check the consistency, if it is too dense then add a little milk as per your baby’s convenience.

3. Pour it in serving bowl. Sprinkle powder of 1 cardamom and 1 spoon of almond powder (i have powdered 1 cup of almonds and stored it in a air tight container for quick use)

add cardamon to soaked cornflakes+best baby formula

4. Drizzle with Dabur honey for the sweetness, and it is ready to serve…

add honey to cornflakes+baby formulas

Mostly I try to give my 18 month old baby a sweetened breakfast one morning and a salty one in the next morning. Actually, my baby Raima doesn’t like sweet too much but I want her to have a little more milk. I find any porridge made up of milk is the best and quick option.

RECIPE 2 : Cornflakes with Almond-Vanilla-Banana Flavor.

One of the sweetened breakfast that i often make for my baby is – Vanilla flavored Banana Cornflakes. The recipe is very simple and easy to cook for a quick breakfast.

1.Start with 1 cup of cornflakes dipped in a cup of warm milk for 5-10 min.

plain cornflakes in milk+baby formula

2. Mash up one whole banana with a masher.

mashed banana for cornflakes+baby care

3. Blend the mashed banana and the cornflakes in a blender. Check the consistency, if it is too dense add little more milk ( I use cow milk).  Sprinkle a spoon of almond powder (optional) for added nutritional value. Add 4-5 drops of vanilla essence and half a spoon of honey and it is ready to serve.

add almond to cornflakes+baby food

My little daughter with her tiny fingers was trying to grab the spoon in this pic here…she was very tempted to grab the banana slice   🙂

Have you tried any flavors with cornflakes for your baby?

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  1. Loved the recipe Prerna .Somehow cornflakes idea never struck me..Will get them tomorrow for her…

  2. I recently stared corn flakes for my daughter. Now she is big enough to bite on her own..
    But I wonder why i never introduced cornflakes to her earlier… 🙁

  3. M gona bookmark all hese food recipes ya..for some1 as un imaginative as I, this is so required!

  4. thanks for sharing..really need them….will be a great help if u keep sharing more

  5. prerana sharma says:

    sorry to reply here soo late! we were shifting our home and it took my all the time packing and unpacking things…All the comments are very encouraging, i will be sharing more very soon..

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