How I lost Weight After Pregnancy

Weight Loss After Pregnancy 

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How I lost weight after pregnancy

I had been slightly plump during adolescence and when I started college,I had lost 5-7 kgs(from 55kgs to 48 kgs).But those chubby cheeks were still there(that I hated  my cheeks like hell!!!).

I had gained a lot of weight during pregnancy(from 50 kgs to 68 kgs) and my life changed altogether. I never thought I would get back to my weight and size again.

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How to lose weight after delivery

5 kgs went straight away after  Navya* was born.So,my actual weight was 63 kgs.I used to drink water in which my mom-in-law boiled cumin seed but I had to eat a very heavy diet after my daughters’ birth which included ghee smeared paranthas,omelettes,panjiri,full cream milk(full cream milk didn’t suit navya as it used to do stomach aches to her).All this did nothing good to her but restraint my way to loose weight.I had to breast feed her and I did it religiously for 6 months(she was completely on my feed only ) and followed till 2 years.Although I followed this heavy diet for only a month and a half and after that started avoiding fried and oily food but nothing happened to my body structure in terms of weight loss and inch loss.

When she was 6 months old,we had gone for a vacation. That time,I weighted 63 kgs(same as before) BUT when we came back and I scaled myself,I had lost 2 kgs and from that day my weight loiss started.

I had stopped taking boiled water but avoided fried and till date I don’t eat paranthas and all except for special occasions.

 I lost almost 20 kgs within a time period of 1 ½ years(excluding 6 months).

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Lose weight after pregnancy

                                                                             Left :me weighting 60 kgs, R:Me weighting 48 kgs.

Sorry,couldnt post a better picture.In the before picture,my arms are swelled and chubby and a protruding tummy and heavy bust(I used to feel so shy in wearing slightly fitted tops..:( and in the right,a toned figure and the best part is that my cheekbone is defined now with better face contours and definition which I totally love.

 Now,I would like to share few important things in order to lose pregnancy weight(please note that these are from my personal experience and can differ from person to person.):

  • Exclusive Breast feeding for 6 months.(You wont believe how much important this is for your health as well as the infants’ health,my Sister-in-law also did this and she too lost 12 kgs)
  • Eat healthy food including vegetables,fruits and food rich in roughage.
  • Avoid aerated drinks.
  • Try to use Olive oil instead of Vegetable oil and ghee.Your weight loss will start right away and it is also very healthy and light.
  • I did not do any Yoga,Gyming or any kind of exercise and as girl is more than enough to keep me fit but one should do some kind of exercise especially on fat prone areas.I only do stretch ups.
  • Regularly eat after an interval of 2- 2 ½ hours.
  • Walking is one of the best exercises around and it doesn’t even require special equipment. All you need is a good pair of shoes, fine weather and your baby, of course

I hope you enjoyed reading this article,please comment and share your thoughts:)…

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  1. Super!! you luk soooo gorgeous Ritika! ur really an inspiration!

  2. i want to lose my post pregnancy weight like RIGHT NOW ;D

  3. One can loose weight easily with Power yoga, Its exercise with yoga, which gives you fitness from inside as well as from outside..Read mine story which is similar to ur’s Ritika.

  4. ‘m sure these wud be useful tips for many 😀

  5. hey……….good sharings… me too ..lost 6 kg in just 3 months after delivery. And then another 7 kgs in the next one year. So, one and half years after my delivery I have totally reduced 15 kgs.

    Heavy Breast feeding is the secret to loose your pregnancy weight…..The more you breast feed your baby, more milk you will have..

    • I am going to follow it but tell me one thing..did you guys kept drinking lot of milk to breast feed yur child ?

      • yes..!!! i did… n i ate a lot and drank drums of water.. i used to eat 4chappatis and a big bowl of rice and i a lot o sweets for a few months.. n i used to feel very thirsty in the night especially and used to drink 2ltrs of water approx.. i need to loose weight cos i’ve got a flab and i look very chubby now… :(( but m too lazy to work out or do anythin out of the way…

        • Diet change karo Salmu.. 70% reduction usi se ho jaayega

          • meri halat qarab hoo jati hai kuch kam khaya ya aisa kuch hua too…

          • By diet, i don’t mean dieting.. i meant eating low carb things evry 2 hours..dn u won’t feel hungry.. or u can consult a dietician na..dat wud be d best.. it takes some time n patience but its worth it 😀

          • my sis did it.. she lost 25+ kilos wid following strict diet.. i cant do it… i cant eat less carb n al.. m so used to rice n stuff a meal s not complete without it.. 😛 there was a time when i used to do gymnastics now i can hardly bend n touch my feet with my legs straight .. 😛

        • if i eat 4 chappatis and rice then i will reach up to 100kgs i guess. 😛

  6. Navneet Thethi says:

    I didnt lost my kgs…but infact gained them more…..shame on me…:(

  7. hi ritika……what an inspiration to see ur pre and post pics………though i m back tpo my pre pregnancy weight(within 6 months)……..i still need to lose atleast 5 -6 kgs more…….and though my wieght has reduced …..there is no inch loss…………for that i guess i need to do yoga…….any tips….????

  8. Hey Ritika! Wow You are truly an inspiration… me too faced some probs with weight loss initially but now am on thr right track!

  9. nidhi tiwary says:

    my only concern is m not able to feed my baby..coz don’t have breast milk..and now my gyne. told me its difficult to have or increase milk now coz its its been 2 months post delivery.. 🙁

  10. great post … the only thing i would like to mention is that olive oil , even though is very much advertised is not suitable for most of the Indian cooking like frying etc since its heating point is way low and it becomes toxic at high temperatures . Although one variety of olive oil that can be used for Indian cooking is olive pomace oil…extra virgin and virgin olive oil should be used for dressings and normal olive oil for message

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