How To Keep Kid’s Lips Moisturised

By Mrinalini

How To Keep Kid’s Lips Moisturised

Dear Mammas! Taking care of babies can be quite a task, but an extremely rewarding one, no doubt. You want the best of the best for your baby at any cost. Be it their food, their clothes or their skincare products,the tiny bundles of joy deserves the purest. So when it comes to issues like skincare for your babies, you are always looking for the mildest product available. Something that will not be harsh on your baby’s delicate skin.




In this post we shall talk about chapped lips problem with the kids. Yes! They can get it too. So what should you do when your little angel comes to you with such a problem? Let us take a look at some of the solutions that you might find helpful.

Chapped lips happen due to a number of reasons, one of the main reasons being lip licking. Your baby might have lip lickers dermatitis. In which case you will find red scaly patches on the borders of the lips, both on the upper and lower parts. In this case the first thing you should do is check your baby’s lip licking habit. Next in you can apply Vaseline on the lips of your child.

But do not use the stick version cause it might contain alcoholic agents that will sting, and add to the irritation. Just use the regular tub version.


In winter months make sure your kid never goes out without applying Vaseline, lanolin or any other moisturiser on their lips. Cause the harsh cold winter winds can cause the lips to dry up even faster.

Coconut oil

Some mothers use coconut oil to treat chapped lip condition. Just heat up a little bit of coconut oil, or simply rub it hard between your palms and apply it on your child’s lips. Coconut oil not only moisturises but also heals skin conditions and acts as an antibacterial agent. But try not to use the coconut oil that is used for the purpose of hair oil. it would be best if you can get hold of the organic one.

Olive oil


Farrell - Pure Olive Oil review+olive oil to massage baby


Olive oil is great for your baby’s skin. Not only for dry lips but for the moisturisation of the entire body, massaging your kid’s body with olive oil is great for the health of the skin. So in case of chapped lips or to [prevent it from chapping, just take some olive oil on your finger tips and apply it on your child’s lips. You can if you want reapply it from time to time.


You can try the trick of applying honey as well, but you can’t do this for really small babies, for they will lick it up. So if your child is of the age where he or she understands instructions, in that case you can try applying some honey of the lips. They acts as excellent moisturiser plus honey has a sweet taste.


In case you don’t have honey, try using glycerine. Take a drop or two of glycerine and mix it with a bit of the regular baby cream that you use for him/her. Cause using just glycerine will sting in case of chapped lips.

Drink water

Apart from all this, just simply make sure that your child is drinking sufficient amount of water. For dry lip condition can arise from general dehydration as well. And also make sure that he/ she is taking in the sufficient amount of nutrients from each of the five food groups.

Which tip do you think will help you?

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