How To Pevent And Treat Stomach Worms

In India babies are more prone to worm infections. Not just babies, even adults. Worm infections can be severe in babies and disrupt their health to a great extent.

How to identify if your child has worm infection?

Worm infection can cause stomach pain, vomiting, skin rashes, itching, weight loss, sleeplessness, cough, loose stools.

The child will be very uncomfortable and will be very cranky. But will not be able to explain.

Some type of worms usually can be seen crawling at the opening of the anal passage. This causes irritation in the skin. And the child tends to scratch the area constantly.

Worm+dewormin babies

How to prevent worm infection?

  • Hygiene is the most important factor here. Wash your child’s hands without fail before eating food.
  • Nappies/diapers needs frequent changing.
  • The person who cares constantly for the baby has to maintain high cleanliness and hygiene.
  • The easiest and most common place where the child gets worm infection is the play school. Children of this age group do not tend to keep their hands or legs clean. The play group/area admins should see to the hygiene aspect her.
  • Infected soil and water are also responsible. Some types of worms breed in soil and water. This is likely to affect small kids as they have weak immune system. Always encourage to use foot wear.
  • Semi cooked vegetables or meat have high chances of creating worm infection. Avoid eating anything raw. Always use fresh eatables.
  • De-worming treatment at the right interval is a must. Frequent visit to the doctor for examination of the child’s health is also advised.

Treatment for Baby’s worm infection.

Most type of worm infections are treated with oral medicines. Doctor’s examination is a must to identify the type of worm infection and accordingly the treatment will be decided.

Offlate, deworming is a common practice as a method of precaution. These infections spread easily at schools and chance of getting re-infected is also high. Hence, most doctors suggest undergoing de-worming treatments even if the child does not have worms.

I follow deworming treatment for my daughter at the prescribed intervals under the supervision of my pediatrician.

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Have you started deworming your child?

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  1. Worm infection in babies!! Oh lord!

  2. Imagine the pain poor babies will be going through….what is deworming treatment? I mean what doc do in that?

    • Deworming is giving a dose of preventive medicines that hinders the growth of these parasite worms. My daughter has been given twice so far.
      usually deworming is started after completion of 1 year… u will have to remember when was the prev deworming done. There is a minimum interval that has to be maintained in subsequent deworming doses.

  3. How will I come to know if she is suffering from any?

  4. prerana sharma says:

    I know about this….its very irritating for babies…something like the opening of their anus itches all the time making them cranky!!
    In my childhood my ma used to give me an ayurvedic medicine called “Kalmegh”…its an ayurvedic plant, its stick is kept in water whole night and next morning the water is taken in empty stomach..its 10 times bitter in taste than bitter gourd!
    but for my daughter i have bought homeopatic kalmegh which isn’t bitter in taste…as per doc thrice in a week is enough to “Prevent” stomach worms…
    I don’t know much details…I just do what my ma used to do..

  5. Navneet Thethi says:

    Yup, deworming is a must atleast at an interval of 6months.

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