Old wives tales – Fact ya Fiction?

The day one gets pregnant the first question is ‘will it be a boy or a girl? A baba or baby?’   Of course one can determine the sex of the child through ultrasound in countries other than India. There is an increasing gap in the sex ratio of girls to boys because Female foeticide is widely practised here hence sex determination is banned in this country.

The surprise element comes when one does not know the sex of the child and waits for 9 months for the good news. Then again human nature is such…we love surprises but not the suspense.  Like everyone i too have played around with old wives tales which trust me is a lot of fun.

is it a girl or a boy

Is it a Girl Or  A Boy Pregnancy Questions/Old Wives Tales

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Here is my round up of some old wives tales and gender prediction tests .Let us see how true these are:
  • Morning sickness – If you have morning sickness then you are pregnant with a girl. (I hardly had morning sickness infact it was so less that I used to sometimes use to doubt my own pregnancy  :D)
  • Heart Rate – Higher heart rate (above 140) means there is a baby girl and lower indicates a boy.(Mine has been between 130 -140 and in the later stage it was around 150 so i am not too sure about it )
  • Chinese Calender – It turned out true in my case.
  • Craving sweet and sour – Some people believe that if you have sweet craving you will have a girl and for salty its a boy.  I have also noticed some people believe in opposite two i.e  sweet for boy and sour for girls. I had all the cravings in the world.  I initially wanted to eat everything spicy and then in the secod trimester it was sweet and later on it was all salty.
  • Extra Weight – It is believed that if you are carrying extra weight in the front you are having a boy and extra weight on your buttocks then its a girl.  In my case it was the buttocks.
  • Looks – if you look better during your pregnancy then you are carrying a boy and if you don’t look attractive then its a girl.  Does a female foetus steal your good looks?  It holds true in my case.  By the end of my pregnancy I looked horrible.
  • Pimples – If you get acne too often during pregnancy then you are having a girl and if you don’t then you are carrying a boy.I did have occassional pimples so kind of true in my case.

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  • Hairy legs – If your hair grows faster than normal or more than average as compared to pre pregnancy then you are having a boy.  It is so so true in my case as the moment I conceived my hair growth was almost nil.

Pimples, looks, hairy legs and the chinese calender were the 4 things which turned out to be true in my case.  I had a baby GIRL!!!! 🙂
If you are a mommie then I tag you  🙂 Answer the following questions and let us know which myth holds true in both the cases.  If you don’t have a blog then you can list it below… 🙂
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  1. o i had morning evening al kinna sickness.. lolz.. but i hav a boy.. o n i didn notice the leg hair.. 😛 n ppl told me ke if u hav a huge bump then its a gal.. if its small then boy.. so in that case i had a moderate to small bump.. so there it was right.. n the another thing is if ur cheat burns it means the baby has lotta hair… in my case my son had lotta hair and during last trimester of pregnancy i complained a lot o burning.. so.. 😛 there r a lot o them actually.. u’l find a hell lot o myths from region to region…

  2. Christina says:

    Lol interesting !!!

  3. hey anamika,
    its a very nice article. for the chinese calender did you check your age as per normal calender or the lunar calender????

  4. i had veryless of morning sickness, i crave for salt y foods esp kfc wings;), increased hair growth increased pimples and look terrible now with post acne scar and my sweet ones heart rate always above 150bpm and the chinese calender sez its a am equal on both sides..donno what will happen..gota wait till dec 15th;)))

    • DEC 15TH..So faar na…u know most of the time if you check on the old wives tales it will always be 50 -50..but as per me you will have a BOY 🙂

      • ha being in a state of boy or girl is giving me double trouble of searching names…hope your sweetie pie is great..cant wait to see her beautiful face;))

  5. moderation;(

  6. normal one Fani..but i know many many people who planned the kid as per lunar and chinese calender thing didnt work for them

  7. u doubted ur pregnancy!! Oh God!! 😀 😀

  8. i come from a Tam Brahm family.. so bac here at home the practice during baby shower is to get 1 baby krishna idol & 1 goddess lakshmi idol .. also various other stuff like book, pens, tools, silver coins & so on..

    our granny who is nearing 90 presides over this ritual… 😀 after the baby shower is over.. the gal is asked to close here eyes and these stuff are laid out in front of her.. she has to pick few things in a given time wihtout hurrying up..

    if she picks krishna idol its a boy.. it its lakshmi its a gal…. similarly if she picks up books/pens etc… the kiddo will be smart in studies… picked coins then it wil be wise with money & so on..

    i hv seen this happen to turn up true atleast in the case of boy or gal wit two of my cousins… 😀

  9. OMG!! some of these myths dont make no sense!!!

  10. Anamika i have checked on chinese calender for several friends and colleagues (as per normal age) who were pregnant and its always been correct. its surprising how!!

  11. and friends on my side have always got it wrong 😛

  12. Icequeen81 says:

    Chinese calender? how does that work? what do u exactly see to know is a boy or a girl?

  13. @icequeen81 search on google chinese birth calender and open the first few websites. you need the mothers age at time of conception and the month. its easy.

  14. Its a 50:50 chance LOL….. kinda fun looking up these things hi hi…
    we here say if u look tired n lose weight n small tummy- boy
    glowing, healthy, big tummy- girl
    works every time…
    Ana u were looking healthy n glowing! So girlll…

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