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Jungle Magic Mosquito Banditz Mosquito

I live in  Delhi and Dengue fever is on rise here. It scares me because toll has reached 2000 +now.Everybody is trying to keep their kids safe. We too have taken various measures to keep  our baby protected and one of the method which worked is  using this Mosquito Banditz from Jungle.

When Anamika sent me this I had not much of expectation due to my previous not so great experience with  mosquito repellent patches . Patches kept falling off  and  even after using the patch, mosquitoes were still biting my kid . To my surprise this band worked even at my near by local fruit market at night, which is full of mosquitoes. With all those high beam power lights on and mosquitoes flying around , most mosquito repellent fail but this one actually worked. My kid did not have a single mosquito bite although I think I took a lot of risk taking her there.

Jungle Mosquito repellant brands babies India

About Jungle Magic Mosquito Banditz Mosquito:-

Jungle Magic Mosquito Bandiz Pack of 2 includes the medicinal benefits of Citronella oil that helps to repel mosquitoes and helps your children to be safe from deadly illnesses caused by mosquitoes such as malaria, chickungunya and dengue. Slap the band on your kid’s wrists or ankle when your kid goes outdoors to play.

Features And Benefits

  • Coated with medicinal Citronella oil

  • Aromatherapy benefits

  • Idea for outdoor use

  • Pack has 2 bands

  • Lasts up to 15 days

  • For 3 years & above

Best part of the product is that it is medically coated with Citronella oil & are 100% natural, Non toxic and chemical free.Jungle Magic Mosquito Banditz are medically coated with  Citronella oil & are 100% natural, Non Toxic and  chemical free. Citronella oil in known to have aroma benefits which provides activating and warming qualities both physically and mentally. Every band has a special compartment that stores Citronella oil, aroma of  which protects children when they are doing outdoor activates. These bands have been tested by a government certified  external laboratory bases which they are certified safe for use by children. Mosquito Banditz are available in various animal characters like Froggy( Frog), Batty( Bat), Spidey (Spider) & Lizzy (Lizard).

  • Price – 399 .You can buy it from here.It’s also available in other online sites as well.

Jungle Mosquito repellant bands reviews

How To Use Jungle Mosquito Banditz:-

Slap on the jungle magic mosquito repellant bands  on the wrist and ankle.Puncture holes on the top special compartment of the band for the desired level of action.(For best protection , make sure your child wears 2 bands on both wrists or 1 band on the wrist and 1 bank on the ankle.)

These are certified safe for use by dermatologist for kids above 3 years. All the other directions are mentioned clearly at the back side of the package.Also don’t throw away the plastic pouch as band is supposed to be kept back when not in use.


Jungle Mosquito repellant  for babies

We do everything to protect our child from all sorts of pests but one can not control parks, malls or playgrounds where child goes regularly. I agree  product is on the little expensive side but its so effective that I don’t mind shelling out money on it .When it comes to child health one tends to spend more than usual. Ofcourse if one has some cheaper option then there is nothing like it but the bands definitely is effective and  gives the right protection to my kid.

Will I recommend Magic Mosquito Banditz -? For sure !Just try it out once and you will land up re -purchasing it .

P.S- Product sent by the brand but my opinion is honest .Special thank to Anamika for helping me right my first review and yes she clicked the pictures as well 🙂

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  1. Navneet Thethi says:

    Oh great! i searched a lot in my city, but still not in stores here. thnx for the review iam getting this online now

  2. Unfortunately! my baby is below three year old ..cant use it 🙁

  3. I so wish I cud use thison my girl, patches don’t help her either, 🙁

  4. sachi..patches don work at all..i have came to know few more things..will do a post soon on it.that might help many

    • Pls do jaldiA..everyday Pravi has these bite marks even tho I make her wear long sleeves to bed…ab isse zyaada kya karu.

  5. Hey these look really cool…you won’t have a problem getting the kids to wear them 🙂

  6. Jungle magic bands are really worth and works in a very efficient manner in kids and is really helpful for them and yes even looks cool to wear them.

  7. Is it natural mosquito repellent? what is the age bar for kids to use this ?

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