Little’s Breast Pumps | Benefits & Uses

Little’s Breast Pumps | Benefits & Uses

Breastfeeding has always been a topic which involves a lot of challenges and certainly has a lot of pros about how important it is for both the babies & the new mother! A lot of elderly women still find it uncomfortable for  women to breastfeed her baby in public unless they cannot find a secluded spot to privately carry out a pure act of nourishment which is designed by Mother Nature!

Today’s woman is smart and is aware of the choices best for herself & her newborn baby! A more informed new mom is always better than those moms who are constantly fed with old age practices which are redundant & scientifically have no explanation at all!

The height-weight ratio is also great for babies who have been religiously fed breast-milk for a period of 1000days!

It also helps the new mom make a stronger bond with their babies & the babies find the motherly nurturing as their Safe Haven.

Importance of Breastfeeding for New Moms

New moms are often apprehensive about breastfeeding as to whether they are doing it right or whether they are producing enough to feed their baby aptly! While some fear that they might not have the same body size/shape if they breastfeed for longer durations!

Well, these are just baseless thoughts which have no explanation! A new mom can get back to her pre-pregnancy weight/ body figure with breastfeeding itself and it doesn’t affect the size & shape of any body part at all!

It also protects the new mom from a number of diseases like breast cancer, Type 2 diabetes etc.

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Breast Pumps & Its Extensive Use

One of the new age innovations which has facilitated breast feeding are Breast Pumps. It has also entirely changed the breast feeding challenges which earlier were very obstructing. Most of the new age moms are relying on it to give the much needed and un-adulterated nutrition to their new born babies because a lot of women are working in different jobs which requires them to return to work post-delivery and leaving their infants behind is already a big task for all the moms!

Well, having said that it is not just a device for the working moms only but a lot of women who choose to stay at home or are self-employed and engaged in jobs which can be done from home are also the ones who find the breast pumps quite handy when it comes to pumping out the milk for their babies because it happens sometimes that the mother is producing enough milk while the child is not able to feed entirely which makes the breasts heavy & lead to the painful engorgement. But with breast pumps they can just pump out any excess milk and later when the baby requires, the pumped out milk is provided instantly even without disturbing the mother’s routine or daily chores and also not compromising on the babies nutritional requirements!

There Are some babies who can’t latch at all (unable to suck or latch onto mother’s nipple to suck milk directly) and this leads to then being hungry and such moms usually suffer from heavy breasts due to over-producing breast milk which makes them clueless about how to make their babies feed properly! But with breast-pumps the baby can be easily fed with the pumped out milk as and when they demand!

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Importance of Breast Pumps

  • Breast pumps are really handy devices when if there are twin births as natural breast feeding takes a lot of mother’s energy, it is a good idea to feed the twin babies the milk pumped out through the breast pumps!
  • These breast pumps can be used to pump the excess milk produced by moms because sometimes even when the baby is not hungry and breast fill with large amount of milk leading to painful engorgement!
  • Breast pumps let the moms relax for a while without having to worry about feeding the baby round the clock or if she wishes to step out of the house, she can easily use the breast pump and keep it for the baby while she is out for quick errands.
  • Also, a mom can easily resume to her job whenever she feels physically and mentally strong enough and breast pumps really come very handy during office hours when the baby is not around and you feel the need to pump out excess milk!

How Breast Pumps Work?

Since, breastfeeding is a universal phenomenon; it is designed uniquely to be suitable for different types of women and with varying sizes & suction controls enabling to pump out milk in the most pain-less manner!

Little’s Comfort Manual Breast Pump with SFR Technology is surely a very comfortable breast-pumps available in the market and it single-handedly solves a lot of mother’s problems because it has 5 different suction levels and they can be used for all the sizes and doesn’t cause any discomfort to the new moms! The suction levels can be easily adjusted depending on the milk produced inside the body and it is also true that if milk is pumped out carefully, it directs the body to produce more milk in case you think you are not expressing enough milk for your infant!

The 5 suction levels & the silicone massaging pads of this breast pump ensure the expression of milk in a gentle way as breasts are really sensitive glands!  Also needless to mention that these breast pumps have all the parts which are BPA free, making it very safe for the baby’s consumption.

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