Mee Mee Bath Tub Review

Mee Mee Bath Tub

Bathing your little munchkin can be an intensely tedious job but you can always make the whole process a joyful one either by let her use your huge bath tub or by getting her, her own little one so she can have fun while getting brushed!!

And we bought this beautiful Mee Mee bath Tub online on the Firstcry website and after a little thought on as to whether it’s something we are really going to use or will it just come all the way from their ware-house and sit in some lonely corner of our house was THE question!

But then we somehow settled with the idea of buying it for an easy and joyful bathing experience and I’m happy with the way it has been working for us.

mee mee baby products bath tub

So here’s my review for the Mee Mee Bath Time:

Where I bought: From the Firstcry website.

Price: Rs. 1800/- approximately.It’s available on discount at flipkart here

About Mee Mee Bath Tub:

This is one cute tool that makes the baby’s bath time a safe and a pleasurable experience.


  • Never leave the baby unattended.
  • Always check the temperature of the water before letting the baby sit in the tub. If you don’t have those fancy thermometers then just put some amount of water on your wrist. The temperature should always be lesser than what your wrist can bear.
  • Only one fourth part of the tub should be filled with water. Drowning can happen to the baby at any time.
  • Try to use no-slip pads/sheet if you are bathing a baby who is below one year of age.

Packaging: It came in a giant size cardboard box, since we got it online. Otherwise if you are picking it up from a store then I think it will come in a huge disposable bag as there’s no separate box for it.

Color and Design: Our Mee Mee Bath tub is white and pink in colorwith the Jungle Family stickers all over (on the inside/base)

bath tub mee mee

My verdict about Mee Mee Bath Tub:

This Mee Mee Bath Tub has come in handy for me with both of my kids. The elder one still likes spending loads to time in this tub, ignoring the fact that she will soon out-grow it. This is certainly one of our best-buys and I’m so happy that we bought it without much delay.

I having used it for so many months, and with all those ‘bangs’ and ‘thuds’ of mine, it has come a long way and is still sound enough to stay around for a few more years.

I would definitely recommend it to you, if you are looking for something that’s baby-friendly, safe, and comfortable for your baby, so she has a gala time in her bath. So what are you waiting for??   Just go and grab it for your little one. And I’m sure she is going to love it as much as mine are doing.

mee mee bath tub

What I like about Mee Mee Bath Tub:

  • It’s too spacious; enough to accommodate even 2+ year old kid.
  • The material is strong enough (Ours is surviving from the past two years).
  • It’s beautifully designed for the kids so they enjoy their bath time. The Jungle stickers on the inside are just a bonus to it.
  • It comes with an in-built soap dish for an easy access.
  • It also has a plug that can be opened and closed for the water to stay in or to let it flow out of the tub.

What I don’t like about Mee Mee Bath Tub:

  • I wish it had a rubber or a no-slip pad/sheet at one end so the baby doesn’t slip and fall off in the tub.
  • The rubber plug that comes with it is not of a very good quality, ours came off when I was washing the tub.

My Rating: 4.5/5

Have you tried Mee Mee Bath Tub?

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