Mee Mee Happy Train Musical Toy Review

Mee Mee Happy Train Musical Toy


After my baby had entered the mobile phase, I was looking for a toy that would encourage him to crawl and learn at the same time. During my search I came across Mee Mee Happy Train Musical Toy and even though it stated that it was meant for babies above 12 months of age, I happily ignored it and bought the musical toy 😀 And the musical train didn’t fail me even a tiny bit as it’s one of the favorite toys of my son.


Mee Mee Happy Train


Key Features: (As given on the seller’s website)

  • Exciting Bump and Go Action
  • Features blocks of fruits game
  • Engine which has a cute joker face that winks, turns his eyes, opens and closes his mouth
  • Has four unique voice modes
  • Music mode plays sounds of the piano and train
  • Animal mode features sounds of monkey, elephant, zebra, lion and tiger
  • Color mode is for recognizing colors and letters
  • On Question and Answer mode, there’s a fun quiz to test child’s grasping power

Price: INR 1145 (bought it for discount at 973). You can buy it from Flipkart here.

How does it work: Mee Mee Happy Train Musical Toy:

  1. Press the chimney to set the musical train in action. It would start rolling with the joker face of the train winking, turning his eyes, opening and closing his mouth and moving his hands up and down. It also emits the sound of chop-choo with pretty red and blue lights. Once it sets into action it would go around the house bumping into objects and reversing to start again in a new direction.
  2. The top portion of the train houses the four voice modes that can be activated just by pressing them, very easy even for babies under 12 months to operate.
  3. The body of the train has holders for six different types of colorful blocks that can be fitted by a child.
  4. To stop the train you just need to press the chimney and it would stop with the typical sound of the train stopping at a railway station accompanied by a vocal announcement of “you have reached your destination”.


Mee Mee Happy Train Baby toys


My experience with the Mee Mee Happy Train Musical Toy:

When I had bought the toy my sole purpose was to encourage my son to crawl on floor as well. He was already crawling on bed but was scared to do so when we put him on the floor. I was a bit worried by that and thought of introducing Mee Mee Happy Train to him. Introducing the train to him was probably the wisest thing I have ever done in my life. My boy was totally in awe of it and would do just anything to grab it and he did crawl, at first a bit and later on he would crawl everywhere the train went. I was super excited to see this.

Apart from that he also loves to play with the different voice modes of the train. Although he doesn’t understand much of it but he loves the different sounds that come after striking each key. The train would be useful even after he completes his one-year, which is still 3 months away. It would make it easier for him to understand basic numbers, colors, letters and animal sounds when he grows up.


Baby with Toy Train


Right now, he enjoys running after the train in his walker at full speed and babbling away. I think it’s a perfect toy to encourage infants to crawl and build their core strength and at the same time keep them entertained.

What I like about Mee Mee Happy Train Musical Toy:

  • It’s great way to keep your child engaged
  • Aids in the development of your child’s motor skills
  • A great way to introduce your child to some basic letters, colors, animals and their sounds and shapes
  • Made from sturdy plastic that does not break even after my son has thrown it umpteen numbers of times from various heights.
  • Although on the box it says “12 months and above”, it can be used even by babies below this age especially to encourage crawling.
  • The animated face of the train, bright happy color of the train and the lights make this toy even more interesting for the babies.
  • You don’t have to run around changing its direction every time it bumps something; the Mee Mee train is capable of changing its direction on its own.

What I do not like about Mee Mee Happy Train Musical Toy:

  • Even though the front cap of the face of the train is pretty blunt, I think it could be made a bit more rounded or softer because it might hit the baby’s face if you are not careful. But this is just me trying to take out some bad point just because I’m always a paranoid mom 😛

Will I recommend it to others – Definitely! It has proved to be a blessing for my son. He learnt crawling really fast because of this train and it makes him super happy. You can buy this even if your baby is below 12 months.

Have you bought Mee Mee Happy Train Musical Toy for your baby?

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