Mee Mee Nappy Liners Review

Mee Mee Nappy Liners

My daughter was exclhsively diapered after 2weeks of birth. However, after a year once i started toilet training her i went back to cloth nappies. Anyone who has gone from using convenient diapers to nappies will know how hard it is to adjust (not the kids, but us as parents); the poop cleaning was kinda getting to me so when I saw these Mee Mee nappy liners on Firstcry I thought ‘Why not give these a try?’


MeeMee baby nappyliner review

About Mee Mee Nappy Liners

Perfect during diaper changing, especially while travelling or as an extra protection of bedclothes in your baby’s crib. The under-pads are covered with soft, gentle non-woven cloth.

Key Features

1.Just a single sheet will keep your baby happy, comfortable and dry
2.As soft as cotton. Softer Than a standard paper nappy liner
3.Made from 100% biodegradable cellulose fibres
4. Best protection specially for new born
5. Make your baby feel comfortable and dry

Care & Warnings

Dispose when dirty, please do not flush. Keep out of reach of children


how to use baby nappyliner

My experience with Mee Mee Nappy Liners:

To begin with, these are really thin sheets.. if you think they would absorb any pee then you’re mistaken. But then if like me, you just want a solution for the poop well then, this would be as perfect as it could get.


mee mee baby nappyliner

I have a 50-50 view on this. Yes, its very convenient in the sense that once your baby poops you can just dispose of the loner a d replace it with another. No need to wash the nappy right away. Its large enough such that it doesnt leak and is extremely soft and comfy too. So no worries of it causing any rashes or cuts on your little ones tender areas at all.


baby nappyliner review

The downside is that its not the stick and attach kinda liner. So if your kiddo is a wriggly imp then chances are that the liner will get displaced in a matter of minutes.

I love how functional these are though. 250 bucks for 100 liners is amazing. I had used JnJ liners which were a total disappointment considering they claimed to absorb pee too.


baby nappy liner

At least with these I know they are only to manage the poop and it does a damn good job of it too. Just wish it had a adhesive to stick onto the nappy..

What I like about Mee Mee Nappy Liners:

  • 1. Very soft and comfy for your babies delicate nether region.
  • 2. Get 100 of these in just 250 bucks
  • 3. Makes potty cleaning from nappies very easy
  • 4. Easily available
  • 5. Very useful during potty training.

What I don’t like about Mee Mee Nappy Liners

  • 1. Danger of shifting within the nappy if your kid is very fidgety. They should think of coming out with a adhesive variant.

All in all I like these. They are worth the price and very useful. And especially if like me, you are someone who has started using nappies for your kids after a long break then this would be a huge relief.

Have you tried Mee Mee Nappy Liners?

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  1. I tried them but some how it didn’t worked for me because they don’t stick to the nappy and keeps falling down..i don know what wrong i was doing..

  2. Happy Wid d function of holding d poop but d cloth diaper does stain ? I don’t like d stain.

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