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Me Me Leggings

Running a baby blog is so much fun ..I keep doing every day baby routine things and click some pictures from my phone camera . Although they don’t come out that pretty, but I have noticed that if I wait for my DSLR camera then I completely forget about doing the post although I will try switching to DSLR because I don’t want my baby to grow up and tell me that you posted better pics on your makeup blog and not on my baby blog 😀

I am a busy mommie and 90% of my shopping is online and I don’t know why I didn’t see anything like this online but my sister suggested these  leggings to me when she saw me trying my best to keep Anvika warm.

Mee Mee Tights legging sock reviews

These are seriously God sent as it keeps my baby totally packed up and warm and costs just INR 395 for three. Texture of cloth is cotton and these are really soft.These are available in different sizes and I saw sizes up to two year old.(My girl is going to be six months)

These leggings don’t roll down or up and stay in their place. Cloth is pretty much soft, same after being machine washed and elastic is not tight from the belt .

These comes in variety of colours .I bought two packs of these and I love the pretty colours of these.

colourful funky legging for winters babies

specially the one which has “I love mama ” on it.

stocking tights me me

I am sorry I will definitely come up with better pictures next time .I wanted to post this review asap so that those who are shivering like us in cold and are looking for things to keep their baby warm get some help. These legging are available on Me Me.If you know other brands who have them too then do mention in the comment section.

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  1. These ARE a godsend! Especially fr Delhi’s like a winter must have…

    N I luv that tush!!! Muaah muaah muaah!

  2. wow…. superb…!!! I too love Mee Mee brand. After Pegion, this is my next fav brand. Amazing and interesting products they have.

  3. Cant i get one in my size?they r soooo cute

  4. I got these for my little one too. But my pack contained only 2 pieces. I got the size for age bracket 2-3 year old as she is very tall , even thought my girl is only 1yr and 8 months. Maybe with increase in age bracket the number of leggings in a pack reduce:( which site did u order this one. I need one more set and I am unable to spot these in the local stores. Always out of stock

    • i got them from a local store which keeps me me products ..didnt find it on the site or in the sad that they don keep even the basic products 🙁

  5. @Ana.. You inspire me so much and I admire you a lot….You have got an extreme will power… Love you and your baby sooo much 🙂

  6. hi
    u can order online using the below link….
    i have ordered and got two sets of booties leggings and wow……..
    u would surely like this…….try na…
    but i got 2Pcs for INR 395..

  7. So cute these leggings are:)Girls clothes are so much prettier than boys.Wish they had something like this for boys so that I could buy:(

  8. hi ana..

    i see lot of offers in where you get discounts upto 40%..check whether you can utilize..

  9. Thanks so much jensi. I ordered the mee mee leggings. Life saver:)

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