Nestle Nesquik Strawberry Milk Flavour

by chandani

Plain milk never gets down the throat for my daughter. I have to alter the taste of plain milk. This has been going on as a tradition now. I have always flavoured the milk naturally. But when there is serious time crunch and left with no option but rely on readymade milk flavors available at the stores, I go for Nesquik provided by Nestle. It comes in 2 flavors, Strawberry and Chocolate.


Nestle Nesquik Review


If you have ever wished of your baby asking for more milk after finishing one glass, then you have to add Nestle Nesquik Strawberry to the glass. Your wish will be granted. :-). That is the scene here. (Well I cannot guarantee for every child. Your child might react differently. :-P)

But on a general note, it is really good and tasty. They say in bold, NO artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives. This is something very satisfactory if you even decide to use this every day. Nesquik emphasizes on Bone Health, Vitamins and Minerals.


Nesquik milk powder

Nestle Nesquick Strawberry


The milk flavour powder is pink resembling the actual fruit. It dissolved in no time and the whole glass of milk turns pink.

The instructions say to add 3-4 spoon of Nesquick to a glass of milk. That is a little too much I feel. I just add one spoon full, good enough for a strong taste of the fruit.

This pack can be easily carried anywhere you want. This will come very handy while travelling or touring. It turns milk into a delicious milk shake in no time.


milk powder Nestle Nesquick

strawberry flavor nestle nesquik


Price: £3 for 300 g pack.

If you find this, you have to definitely give it a try. If at I am to rate this, I give full marks 5/5.

Have you tried Nestle Nesquik Strawberry?

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  1. does it list all the ingredients Chandani?

    • yes. its gluten free too.

      • aah cool. i have been wondering to introduce my dd to something like this – considering i dont like the idea of chocolatey bournvita etc. and pediasure makes milk very heavy! let me check the markets here for something like this!

  2. daughter just like to drink milk only..and doesn’t like to eat much.problem is opposite in this case.

    • you are lucky Anamika, my dd doesn’t like to drink or eat anything. Her favorites are plain water and homeopathic teething tablets 🙁 🙁

      • hahah! my girl also loves homeopathic medicine though ..but too much of milk i guess is also not that good.I sometime mix water in her milk so that she gets hungry and eat something but she just doesn’t

  3. Khevna Mehta says:

    Is Fresh cow milk good for kids. i have 4 year daughter she don’t want to eat food. now i am starting fresh cow milk for her. it is a good quality and farm fresh milk. my neighbor suggest me this for my girl. it is Pride of Cows Milk. You also try this.

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