Mothercare Disposable Cold Water Sterliser Bag Review

Mothercare Disposable Bag 

Sterilizing bottle was my biggest concern while preparing for my trip and idea of keeping the whole sterilizer in the suitcase was kind of foolish.I then came across few methods and then zeroed in on Mothercare disposable cold water sterilizer bags.

I first checked them online and found them pretty expensive.It costs Rs 749 and there are seven disposable bags in it.I thought of checking out ShoppersStop if they had any better option available .To my surprise it was around 850 there and there was 20% discount too :P.Have you noticed that mother care products are highly priced in ShoppersStop ?I some how now don’t feel like getting anything from their baby care section .It feels as if I have been ripped off 😐




Moving ahead . I ultimately got the sterilizer bag online as I didn’t want to take any chances.There are seven sachets and each one has a sterilizer bag in it. When you open it there is a folded transparent bag which has two tablets in it. You need to unfold the bag and fill it up with water.After feeding the baby you just have to wash/rinse  the bottle and submerge it into the water filled bag. Wait for 30 minutes and then rinse the bottle again with the recently warm water.I washed the bottle with the hot water which I used for feeding the baby.

Process is quite simple .I had three feeding bottles with me and I use to open up a sachet when all the bottles were used .I washed and submerged them together.I use to even add my baby spoon and cup also in it.It’s a huge bag and you can easily put 3-4 things in it and still you will be left with space.


Disposable cold water sterliser bag


You need to hang the bag some where in the corner otherwise water might flow down .I used to keep it on one of the chair of the resort room’s balcony.

Baby sterliser while traveling +cold water sterliser reviews

Once used, you can use the bag for other uses also.I had put all dirty sandals of my baby in the dry bag while coming back from the vacation 😀

I really liked the process and convenience which this sterilizer provides. I don’t have to hunt for hot water kettle or wait for hours. Process is quick and fairly simple.I really recommend this product.Although I won’t recommend it for every day usage as I still believe in hot water sterilization more.For temporary purposes albeit, it a great thing.


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  1. Ooh…I’ve seen this around n always wondered wot they were..

  2. now u know 😉

  3. great.. I never knew about this type of sterilising. there is never ending for learning about new things.
    thanks so much for this post.

  4. anytime..this is why all mom should come to one place 🙂

  5. Meenakshi says:

    Such a great option! Ana is it available in Shopper’s Stop online website?

  6. Shrabanti says:

    What if I buy the tablets separately and continue using the same bag several times ? Shall that cause harm ?

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