Must Have New Born Baby Accessories For The Coming Winters

By Rhea

Must Have New Born Baby Accessories For The Coming Winters

With the winter season approaching, I am sure all you doting mothers would already be worrying about the winter must haves for your little wonders. The weather is so rapidly changing these days anyways that we might feel that winters are still away but you never know when suddenly the weather changes its mood. Weather this morning was chilly enough to run down my spine and make me pull out the clothes and other winter accessories of my little one.

 winterwear for babies

But it is quite confusing to be ready with everything and we often tend to forget something or the other. For newborns, specifically, it is important to have everything and if possible in double or triple quantity since they tend to soil clothes easily.

I have assimilated a list as per my understanding and knowledge. If I miss anything you think is useful, please do let us know.


woolen caps for toddlers

Let’s start with the head. We would need to keep the baby covered from tip to toe and this begins with the head. Always go for a cap which is woolen but soft and covers the ears of the baby. The cool breeze is not too good for the baby. Ears are sensitive and might not be able to take the chill.

Socks/Booties – After head, the next thing to cover is your baby’s feet. Always keep ample socks as babies wet their nappies and socks too frequently and it is not advised to keep them in diapers all day.

colourful funky legging for winters babies

Gloves /Mittens – Also equally important are the pair of gloves for babies to keep their hands warm as well. Do keep them in ample quantity as well as infants have a habit of sucking their hands as well which would mean one needs to check their gloves in intervals.

Sweaters –

winter jackets for babies (3)

Home-knit sweaters are the warmest and are definitely better than the readymade ones. But since we can’t have these many home knit sweaters, always ensure to have adequate number of sweaters. If you are traveling during winters, you must have lots of them to ensure you are not in shortage as usually it is difficult to wash the clothes.

Warmers – accessories for babies

One must ensure kids are covered on the chest with warmers. This ensures while changing clothes, we are not exposing them to chill in any sense.

Bottoms/Lowers- The bottoms of the kids also need to be in ample to ensure no shortage due to constant peeing or soiling of clothes. As I said, it is not advised to keep them in diapers the whole day.

Bibs –

bibs for babies

Always cover your kids with bibs over their clothes to ensure no food are spilled over their clothes as this also saves a lot of trouble which could be caused due to cold caught due to wet clothes.

Medicines – Always ensure you are stocked with necessary medicines for fever, cold etc. so that as and when the need arises, you are prepared.

Blankets /Quilts –

 blankets for baby

Always keep their quilts and blankets ready so that the kids are comfortable and cozy and sleep well. Always ensure that their comforter is clean and tidy to keep them free of infection.

I am sure I have made a decent list of necessities for newborn babies. Do share your comments and let me know in case I have forgotten something.

Have you stocked up these baby accessories?

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