My Diet After C Section Delivery India

India = Mythical & Mystical.  In this country of ours, you will find a myth in every nook and corner.  Every woman from Kashmir to Kanyakumari has advice to give.  Just name the topic and there you go!  Some make sense and definitely work and some don’t.  Child birth is a hot topic.  If you have normal delivery then things are different and you don’t have to worry too much about your diet.  You can consider munching on some laddo0s and indulging in a bit of ghee.  With a C-Section things are different.  I was lucky because I had some sound advice from my cousin sisters.  They were able to speak through experience since they too had Caesareans and so I didn’t get lured into the GHEE trap!  Ya, Ghee trap.  I was adviced some 3-4 kgs of it!

My Diet After C Section Delivery India

After the baby arrives one feels tired, sleepy and depressed too.  I was told by the ‘AUNTIES’ to drink water in limitation because it will stay in the stomach and cause it to bloat.  Of course this is advice that is not to be followed. It is very very important to drink lots and lots of water otherwise the chances of you having urine infection are going to be very high.  Drinking water also keeps your  energy levels high .

Water should be very light.  My family boils the RO water.  They are very particular about little things and after boiling transfer it to a vessel and then give it to me to drink.  I make sure that I drink the entire amount daily.  Some women drink hot water all the time because it is believed to help with weight reduction.  Since Delhi is anyways hot as it is I stuck to drinking normal  RO water.
I drink a cup of tea every day as it gives me a  quick rush of energy but its not advisable.  One has to limit their intake of caffine.  My doctor prescribed a high protein diet which included cheese, eggs, soyabean and yogurt.  I avoided it as per the advise of the old aunties, and ate the rest of the stuff.

One more high protein item that my family insists I have is boiled black peas water .  The black peas are soaked overnight in water and then added to 1/2 a teaspoon of cumin seeds fried in a tsp of ghee.  I drink the water only as chickpeas and kidney beans are heavy on the stomach and takes a lot of time to digest.  You can add some home made paneer to it and make it more nutritious.

Fruits like, oranges, peaches and pears are high in fiber and must be eaten daily.  My breakfast consists of a big bowl of papaya to ensure proper bowel movement.  It is essential as my condition does not allow me to do much physical activity.

For lunch I have a chapati with vegetables like bottle gourd or a cup of dal with some salad.  Dinner is very light and oatmeal with a bowl of dal by 8pm  is sufficient for me.  If I feel hungry during the night I have a glass of cows milk.  I am staying true to my diet and having frequent meals every one and half hour to two hours thus keeping hunger pangs and craving for unhealthy food at bay.

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  1. Hi Anamika good diet keep it healthy always….as i am from south i had different diet like marunthu kulambu which is made up of garlic and Pepper mainly to eliminate the wastage still settled in our womb.Also a Coffee made up of Rock candy is also strengthens our womb and body and so many restrictions in food.

    • we have this jaggery drink which is given to elimnate the wastage..and few more things..I am also taking a syrup from patanjali which helps in that too.. u know the recipe of that garlic and pepper drink.

  2. Hey thr!
    I too had a C-section but I did fall into the Ghee trap..:) But I liked it..since ghee is one of my favourite items.. I got a chance to have loads of it n I had it. Its a personal choice after all!

  3. Oh my!! This is such a hard diet ya…how do u stay away from Garlic bread???

  4. Anamika,

    I hope you don’t stay away from ghee because of all the negative connotation associated with it. Believe me , everything in our Indian culture has deep meaning and reason behind it. So is our Indian diet. Provided you don’t overdo it. A teaspoon or do with rice or chapathi is extremely good for health. It contains good fats Read this.

    Its a shame these days that Indians are shunning our practices while westerners are embracing it. Yoga,cloth diapering,co-sleeping , making your own baby food..these are things that we have been doing for ages and its now considered to by hippyish and cool to do all this in the western world while Indians are turning the other way round.

    The main reason you should drink water after delivery is because water is an important constituent of drink up to increase milk flow. Also body gets seriously dehydrated due to breastfeeding That is the primary reason why women should have a bottle of water next to them while breastfeeding.

    • Hi Jane,

      I agree havng a teaspoon of ghee is good for health.Infact one of my friend went to a famous dietician and she asked her to include 1 tsp of ghee very day in her diet but in our tradition we are asked to have 5-6 kg of ghee which in any way i don find useful for my body.I know one of our reader whose MIL forced her to eat tonnes of ghee and she has not been able to shed those piles of KG..

      and as far as water is concerned i drink drums of water every day .The moment i feed my child i feel thirsty..cloth diapering is good to a limit .I initally started with cloth diapering .I was using clothes during night also where my child was peeing after every half an hour.It became so difficult for me to even have continuous sleep for an hour and with my stitched hurting badly and next day schedule i couldn’t do it.If you can then you are exemplary.I now use ready made diapers at night.My child to sleep for 2-3 hour undisturbed sleep and i too rest well and ready for the next day.

      few of our practices are amazing for the kid .Like using home remedies for stomach ache, constipation but i don believe in all of them .

      • I agree , 5-6 kgs is just ridiculous. But in moderation its great for our body. Also I agree with cloth diapers available in India..i think its not that absorbent. In the US , the sheer variety of cloth diapers available is mind boggling. and some parents swear its much better than disposables!! Lets see if I can use those when my bun is out of the oven…I have more than 2 months to go..but I feel like time is flying. I wish it would slow down now!

        • oh! cloth diapers here are so so bad..U know as i am quite finicky about my kid clothing i wash them myself and by the end of the day i am washing a whole bucket full of cloth diapers.

          last 2 months– enjoy the end i became restless..

  5. sweets! when one have stitches on their tummy they can hardly think of garlic bread 🙁

  6. wow Ana.. nicely documented… useful for any person on a diet actually..

    zee.. mujhe abhi garlic bread chahiye… mummy………!! 🙁

  7. ya.. even i read dieticians saying..if you have to eat a heavy meal.. have a teaspoon of ghee with that it gets digested fast..
    dont use cloth diapers at night… babies will not get good sleep since you have to change constantly…moms will also lose beauty sleep..

  8. Envy you gal so how many kilos have u lost so far? I have to loss 13 kilos to get to 50kg

  9. ohhhh…. y is that?? I think m going to try your diet n c how it goes I am also breastfeeding exclusively

  10. I was 74 aswel n now, m 64 . Well don’t u worry we can motivate each other 🙂

  11. Anyone with suggestions how we can loss these kilos fast?

  12. hello everyone !!! jus came cross this blog today ..jus wantd to share , i gave birth to a baby boy 3 months ago through c-section n oh boy even i had to eat a lot of ghee even though living in US… i could not escape it… jus wanted to know is it really good to eat so much of ghee used in ajwain , jeera, goond, adrak…. yes i had all of that cooked in some 6 to 7 kgs of ghee….
    so please give me som more info on the diet although m done with all that eating n dint again a single pound… i am jus 2 kgs extra with my preprego weight… lucky me!!!! blessed with mom’s genes…

  13. Swati Gautam says:

    my daughter is now 14 months old and still i breastfeed her . i gained 20 kg during pregnancy and after c – section i lost only 5 kg. but during this one year its again back. i do nothing to do weight loss but i want to loose weight my tummy area looks so bad its too big and i feel depressed looking at myself . when i go to shopping i feel that i can not dress myself better. plz suggest me something. for weight loss .

  14. Nice to read but wat to follow????
    Can i drink milk n take some dry fruit after 12 days ofy c se tipn delivery

  15. I m having baby of 12days. Ihad c section delivery. Now i feel too hungry n thirsty so frequently.
    Can i take milk n some dry fruit

  16. How to reduce the belly after cesearen…. my wife facing problem with her belly that looks like she is carrying again 5th month…

  17. She needs to join a gym and have more protein and less carbs.

  18. seema karande says:

    Hi,can i eat fish after lscs?now im 25days delivery

  19. Aakanksha gupta says:

    Hey ..I m having baby 9 days ..gone through c sectiin and want to knw what other vegetables we can take other than bottle guard to reduce my weight

  20. hi friends, my wife she had c section,now my kid is 2 months old, sujjest some food and fruits she could consume……

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