Nestle Nesquik Hot Chocolate for Kids

Nestle Nesquik Hot Chocolate for Kids


With the strawberry flavour of Nesquik being such a hit, the chocolate flavour too made its way.

The flavour of chocolate is usually interesting for me. I would love to have everything in chocolate. Earlier when I had a bottle of Cadbury chocolate powder that was an instant mix with water or milk (that was for adults), I would always have a glass full every evening. And my daughter would never miss a chance to have few sips from my glass. So, this made me buy the Nesquick’s chocolate instant mix that is available for kids.


Nesquik Hot Chololate Drink


But the story changes here. Wait and watch.

The look and feel is perfect. It gives a great idea of a hot chocolate milk drink. You open the lid and the aroma just comes up. Yummmmmmmm………..


Chocolate instant mix Nesquik


It easily mixes with t the milk. In a jiffy it is dissolved. No lump, no swirling round round alot, simply pour milk in to the glass with Nesquik Chocolate mix at the bottom.

Now for the taste, it tastes like the original chocolate drink. A good one.

But in a couple of days you wouldn’t like it. No idea why. It seems boring and not really interesting. At least I have felt so.

In this review actually my opinion would not count much. What have the kids felt is more important here.


Nestle Nesquik hot chocolate

Nestle Nesquick choloate drink


So, put what my daughter reacted in words, she does not ask for chocolate drink at all. She had this for about a week, and then every milk time she started demanding for strawberry or banana (toggling between these two flavours). Wow, you see there are so many boxes of milk flavours for her to choose from.

And when I say “it is been long since we had a chocolate drink”, she says, “No, not today”.

Where has the excitement of the chocolate gone! I really don’t know.


Nesquik Chocolate RDA

Nesquik Hot Chocolate GDA


I don’t say it is bad. But it is not really very interesting. There is nothing in it that will keep you reaching for it every now and then. This is the very first time I have come across a chocolate flavour which is making us say, not now, some other time.

Price: £3 or a little more, cannot actually recall.

Rating: considering the attitude of my daughter, I would rate it just average.


Nestle Hot Choloate Milk Drink


Have you tried Nestle Nesquik Hot Chocolate?

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