My Weight Loss Journey After Pregnancy With PCOS

From the desperation of getting pregnant to the delivery of baby and then taking care of a new born – a woman’s body goes through a lot. During my pregnancy, I had whole lot of time to take care of my body but that time I was supposed to not to lose weight and now when I have my baby there is no time to reduce weight.I wonder how all those lucky women are able to reduce weight in just 4-5 months and get back to their previous shape.

Well! I knew I won’t be the lucky one and will have to struggle hard for it and that is the reason I have started taking things seriously. I gained a total of 14-15kg after pregnancy. I wish I could have reduced 4-5 kgs before conceiving but that time it was pregnancy which was all there in my mind.

I have shed about 8 Kgs now and I haven’t done much to lose it other than trying unsuccessfully to follow a healthy diet and constantly worrying:D. I do eat lots of vegetables and fruits but as I am breastfeeding, I eat a lot – especially night binging. Still I have managed to restrain myself from following stuff :-

  • Rice. (I don’t even remember when I last had it)
  • Pizza (I guess I had a slice and nothing more than that in five month)
  • Parathas (Indian fried bread)
  • Sugar free tea/coffee
What I am not able to resist:
  • Often end up eating sweet stuff which some how reached my home although I never buy it myself
  • Unhealthy biscuits.
  • I eat in one go and want to stick to small meals which I am not able to do so.
What I have been eating mostly
  • Many rotis as they makes me feel full
  • Lots of variety of vegetables
  • Lots of eggs and fruits
  • Lots of steamed veg momos
I know I have to reduce weight other wise I will be back to my PCOS which I seriously don’t want to. Purpose of this post is to share you my journey of weight loss as I am making constant effort  by motivating myself and trying to take out time for gym.Five months after my C section, I have started to accept my body and started feeling better about my self. I have joined a near-by gym and make sure that I go there atleast 4-5 days a week. Going their gives me a break from my whole day busy schedule and ofcourse makes me feel lot better.
According to my doctor I should  start exercising only after six months (from C section) and this is the reason I have only doing aerobics, treadmills and cycling which I think is how one should start with initially. One hardly has stamina and to bring it back these exercises do help.
I will be sharing all the diet plan which will be provided to me by my trainer and will be sharing with you my weekly achievements 🙂
Though this blog I want to bring together women who believe that they can get back into previous or even better shape in spite of having a C section and PCOS too.
Do share your weight loss journey after pregnancy with me .
See yaa next time 🙂
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  1. Gr8 post A! and i cant tell u enuf how much i admire ur restraint…its soooo hard t lose weight with all these health issues PLUS love for food 😉 Continue d gud work sexy!

  2. :)…nice..enjoyed reading…usually, heavy breast feeding should do the job of weight reducing.

    • Some how i am not that comfortable in doing the 4th month my baby kept me awake almost whole night as she wanted the feed ever two -three hour.I then started semi solid once in the day and gradually increased it to two so i am not doing heavy breast feeding .

  3. Wow!! I really liked this post 🙂

    • thanks Bhavna..

      • hi,
        I have PCOS. I have given up all my metformin etc since 3-4 months.I am fed up..I am not even trying to lose weight anymore.I need to relax or else my condition will deteriorate.I got married in Jan’2010 and I got to know of PCOS in August’2010.

        • Hi Rupali..Why you trying to lose weight desperately..just try to live a healthy life by substituting food and some walking..don over stress yourself.I understand the weight thing issue but you will have to accept your body.Remember you are luckier than many babes.

  4. God!! I have PCOS and I always thought pregnancy was impossible. I wish this happens to me too Ana…ofcourse after I get married 🙂

  5. Anamika Goswami says:

    M not a mother yet but found it interesting so that I could atleast have the idea of how start with the efforts. Currently I am 54kgs.. Should I focus of loosing bit b4 concieving? 🙂

  6. i have pcos too.. m currently at 58kgs (height 163cms)… i wanna shed few kgs.. eagerly waiting for your diet plan post..

    • definitely.once my trainer share it with me i will put it on 🙂 but if u have pcos then u must follow a healthy diet and exercising is something which should be part of your whole life.

  7. gr8 post Ana.. waiting for ur diet plan..

    u might already know i too got PCOS.. i hv managed to lose some weight.. but now the problem is flabby & sagging skin..

    need to tone them badly… ur suggestions?

  8. Hey Ana,
    Nice post 🙂
    I’m amazed how you have been sticking to the diet and mainly taking time out for exercise. I know how difficult it is within few months of C section, with a lil baby around.
    Keep it up Ana!
    I would suggest keep a check on your iron and calcium levels also. Yeah, also the Vitamin D, Omega 3 and B12.
    I ate poorly after delivery to loose weight and suffered badly with deficiency of B12.
    When you have these vetamins enough, baby gets them too.
    Take care,
    All the best! 🙂

  9. Hi Anamika, This could be a long comment plz do reply whenever u find time.. Thanx in advance.

    I really wanted to ask this question for a long time, to someone who has PCOS. I have pcos n stopped my treatment 4m back. My doc said better to lose weight thru diet n exercise n regulate the periods than being on pills for a long time.

    My question is, if i do loose weight , will it regulate the periods ? I really want a living proof coz i read so many articles on net reg pcos n weight loss but haven’t heard any success stories in regulating periods though people have reduced weight.

    • Well my doc said same to me..she said if i come back to my previous weight i will get rid of PCOS but i don know wether it holds true or not..but if you have PCOS then exercising is a must for u.

  10. I’m here after a long time.

    Nice to see the realistic efforts Ana. Do not overboard with ur exercises as u have a baby to take care of.

    I can relate how difficult it is lose weight after pregnancy.

    i’ve put on a lot of weight which i’m trying to reduce but need to put in some more of efforts.

    i can’t stick to a plan for a long time. now i should derive inspiration and motivation from u.

    • i do sometime go overboard especially initially days when i was not able to even bend but then i go to gym in the evening so at night my body gets some sleep and get back the energy for the next day.

  11. Great post Ana! I have also gone through the same phase myself. I gained around 12-13 Kgs around pregnancy. I could’nt get myself to exercise much during first year after delivery because I had very low stamina and almost no me-time during that period.After that I lost around 8-10 kgs following diet and exercise.Then I gained back some weight again.It’s a vicious cycle:(
    I am looking forward to getting some weight loss tips from you.

  12. hey anamika ….good idea to start working out…will be sharing my experience as well….i have almost the same situation as yours(said u before donno if u remember) and i lost 22 kgs and very imp to tell u is that i gained 30 so i still have 8 with me..and saggy skin which make me look the same…lets move towards lossing unwanted weight and unwanted attention 😛

  13. thts really very motivating post Ana, i must loose weight nd i have zero will power but after reading your post i am definitely start doing exercise from tomorrow….

  14. Anamika Goswami says:

    Thanx Anamika. 😀 Hope u’l get in2 shape

  15. So very proud of u Ana ! am sure u will achieve your goals soon. I have seen so many girls as early as 16yrs old get PCOS/PCOD.

    Not giving up is the mantra and with you being so highly motivated, its really just a matter of time and u will be back to ur super svelte avatar.

    All the best babe and take care of urself 🙂

  16. Navneet Thethi says:

    Hatz Off to u Ana.
    Keep it up and Iam sure u’l achieve ur goals.
    I feeling shame shame after reading this as I am badly out of shape.

  17. wonderful – i seriously need motivation and a plan – ur plan will deftly help!!!

  18. Shwetha bhat says:

    Am a silent reader of ua blog from past one month. U write very well 🙂 gud job.. I too have a ten month old DD Sanvi 🙂 I was happily munching everything after I got married : D once I conceived also I didn’t refrain myself from eating all unhealthy food. I got Gdm during my eighth month of preg. I dint had pcos etc. my dietician helped me all thru preg and post preg. I lost almost 20 kgs which I had put after marriage and preg only after my daughter was like 5 month old 😀 now am very much happy lean mom. Yep I wrote this coz, I wanted to share some of my dietician told recipes like Adaa dosa, broken wheat ganji, veggie salad etc… U can use 2 spoons of oil per day.

  19. Shwetha bhat says:

    Broken wheat ganji is the dalia I think u ppl call dat.. Take few spoons of broken wheat and steam it. As u prepare rice, then have with hot milk ya curd with salt. Dats it, it fills ua stomach like concrete and u ll not feel hungry to munch snacks 😉 it’s very rich in fibre and helps u in weight losing campaign. Adaa dosa is prepared using toor dal, moong dal and channa dal. Soak all these three dals for few hrs and grind it to make dosa batter. Add salt to the batter and prepare dosa ..simple, oh yea dis dosa has unique smell. U can add curry leaves, coriander leaves, or methi leaves, onion etc to this dosa batter to make it more delicious..

  20. but how many times u were eating..? and did u have these things daily ..were u breast feeding as well.

  21. Shwetha bhat says:

    I was having Adaa dosa for bf, wheat ganji for lunch along wid veggie salad, for dinner was having ragi balls or ragi dosa with veggie salad must and shud wid lotsss of fruits whole day. Yes I was having this daily from my eighth month of preg till my daughter was 4 month old…now also sometimes I have these delicious food;) oh yes yes am heavy breast feeder, going on still…I Neva had any issues wid deficiencies and all… Try these once u ll Neva regret:)

  22. varsha bandodkar says:

    Hi anamika

    I too have PCOD after marriage it was detected. Currently I delivered a baby 2 months ago. I have reached my pre-pregnancy weight which was already high, i am 72 kgs and 5.3″ ht. I am not able to exercise now bcos of C-section. How can I reduce my weight through diet without hampering my breastfeeding?

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