Pigeon Cooling Teether Duck (Orange) Review

Pigeon as a brand seems to be amazing when it comes to baby products. Worth the price and affordable too. This post is about a teether from Pigeon brand. There are varieties of teethers to choose.


Safety Features  –              Filled with Safe Certified Sterilized Water

Other Features   –              Stimulates Development of Babies Mouth and Fingers, Ideal Shape for Baby to Chew and Grasp, Wide Handle, Soothes Gums.

Price: Rs.170

My experience with Pigeon Teether:

Teether is one wonder product that you can buy to help your growing baby. When the teeth are ready to erupt, babies are usually cranky about everything. Teethers come very handy for a couple of months. There are some teethers that are combined with rattlers.

  Pigeon Cooling Teether Review+teethers

I purchased the one in the form of a duck in bright orange color. The whole structure is filled with water, brand claims sterilized water. It has a handle for holding. On the surface of the duck-teether there are few lines and dots to form some structure to help the irritating gums of the baby. The water in the teether forms a soft surface for chewing. Baby learns the art of holding things and controlling the hand movement. The handle in the teether helps holding and shaking it like a rattler.

  Pigeon Cooling Teether Duck Review+pigeon baby products

Teethers are not to be sterilized. Every time before the baby begins to handle the teether, it is to be washed in warm water. Teethers are a good purchase for every teething baby.

  Pigeon Cooling Teether Review Duck+teether

Rating: 4/5

What I like about Pigeon Cooling Teether – Duck (Orange):-

  •  Very bright color.
  • Filled with water to make it chewable.
  • Wide handle for holding.
  • Few lines and dos to help the irritating gums of the baby.
  • Washable.
  • Acts like a mini rattler, water makes a slight sound when the teether shakes.


What I do not like about Pigeon Cooling Teether – Duck (Orange):-

  •  There is nothing I do not like.


Have you tried Pigeon Cooling Teether Duck (Orange)?

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  1. u know i sterlise them in my steamer and then keep them in the fridge..i have this weird addiction of sterlising each and everything..from sipper, spoons ,cups etc.

    • yeah.. me too did the same initially. I even washed the vessels with boiled water after it cooled. later on slowly I stopped all the sterilizing and boiling when she was about 10-11 months. I only sterilized her feeding bottle. I felt she might not develop the resistance power.

  2. Aah… i do sterilize the teethers too.Like ana said,whatever the baby uses i sterilize it.

    I have not fed Ceralac to my 5month old baby.I have started giving her sprouted raagi porridge.But i will be to and fro traveeling for around a fortninght in a couple of weeks.Its not possible for me to give raagi and i also think it wont be hygenic to enough to carry cooked raagi porridge to places i go.Is it ok to give ceralac at that time?

    @Ana, I have emailed you a query.Can you please post or reply me.Awaiting your valuable suggestions.

    • have taken care of the email Meenakshi..yup! ceralac is what is considered the best at that time..i also carry fruits like banana and apple..just mash them and mix them with powder milk and feed the baby.

      As i have been giving my daughter too many veggies and fruits she is not liking ceralac that much..i am worried about that because a long vacation will be quite a headache if she is not interested in ceralac.

      • I had the cerelac problem too with my daughter. Overnight vacations with baby who is used to only home cooked food is a big head ache.
        I gave her a very thin cerelac mixture initially to catch hold of the taste. I mixed water to bring it to the consistency of milk. She slowly started getting adjusted.

  3. Wow a teether with a rattle is quite beneficial so that baby would love it. Thanks alot chandani for the review . 🙂

  4. Thankyou Ana! Banana will be a good option too.- can give ceralac for one meal and banana for the second.
    Its good Anvika is taking veggies. I just strtd giving sweet potato, banana and potaoes to my baby. Apple I tried giving her once.She did nt like,might be becos of the tangy taste after boiling and mashing it:(..Should again try giving it.

    • hey…careful with the potatoes. they cause terrible gas in small babies. and it takes a week to come back to normal. My daughter did loose motion too. It is now at around the age of 2 she is adjusted to potato. that too very little.

  5. even Anvika doesn’t like mashed apple i give a piece of fresh apple in her hand as finger food and she chew it..its so much fun na 🙂

  6. Meenakshi says:

    Potato was fine with my baby too.Apple as a finger food! My baby is only 5+months..can I giv her now

  7. i bought similar teethers from nuby for my son.. nuby has got many varieties too.. i bought another too , that looked exactly like straberry.. 🙂

  8. Thanks for the link Laxmi

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