How To Plan A Travel Trip To India With A Toddler

How To Plan A Travel Trip To India With A Toddler


For a trip to any part of Asia you will need some good amount of preparation especially if you are travelling along with toddlers. Your first trip with kids to India can be a little unexpected if you do not have any idea what is in store for you. It is best not to have a first trip experience with children in India as it is completely different from other countries and you need to have a first-hand experience in this land of diversified cultures. Here are some of the important points that you would like to keep in mind if you are bent on taking toddlers along with you for an India trip. These tips will help make your trip less eventful and enjoyable.


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Toddler Care in India:

It is the tendency of toddlers to pick anything up from the ground and place it in their mouths and it can be pretty scary if they do the same in a country like India. You need to have your toddler trained not to do any such thing and have his hands wash several times a day. You should also carry with you antibiotic ‘hand wash’ so that you can wash your hands in a cleaner way. As toddlers remain active most parts of the day you must ensure that he is no dehydrated especially while travelling to hot places. Keep bottled fruit juice and water in extras for your toddler’s health. Also, re-hydration salts in liquid state available in medicine shops can be purchased as a precautionary measure.

Breastfeeding in India:

Your toddler might still be in need of breast milk as it is the best source of nutrition for him even at this age. It also helps him stay calm and go to sleep anywhere. In India women generally breastfeed in public places like buses, trains and autos. While feeding in such public places other women nearby offer useful assistance by staying around the mother. No man can steal any glance as he gets chided with verbal abuse by women nearby. Indian women are known for their fellowship and unity in such matters. You can cover up the baby with a saree while breastfeeding and if you are not wearing one you can opt for shawl or other covering. It will be safe for both of you and your kid will also get the best food in the world only if you stay comfortable and calm.

Other Tips and Guidelines:

The following tips will help you and your toddler stay safe while touring the various places in India.

  • Always have your as well as the toddler’s hands washed properly prior to eating food ( you can also use ‘disinfectant wet tissues’ that can also come in handy for feet cleaning after you visit any temple)
  • Drink sealed bottle water only
  • Chips nail short and keep them trim
  • Wear sunglasses and hats
  • Put on long-sleeved clothes and long trousers (covering the knees)
  • Have any scratch or cut disinfected immediately
  • Do not eat street or stall food. Keep away from meals that are served in buffet-style and eat from busy restaurants only
  • Purchase a tiny anklet that has a bell so that you can have your toddler wear it. This will help you keep a track of where he is if you are not keeping a watch on him
  • Always use a mosquito repellent wherever you stay

No matter where in India you are trust no stranger and make sure that your toddler is always with you, especially in crowded places. Hopefully, all these points will help make your trip to India memorable in a good way.

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