Preschool Learning Games For 3 Year Old – English Alphabet Games

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Time for a new post today.This blog is so close to me and the reason being as it grows my child is also growing.So now that she is three year and few month old this one is 3.6 year old :). I am a kind of a mom who believes in sitting with the child and learning new stuff without even knowing we are putting brains 😀 and that is the why I try to make learning super fun for my girl.I don’t know how far I will be able to carry it as I have heard that when kids join proper school then they hardly get time for all these things.Lets see how it goes I will pen down everything here so that all you mom can relate to it and pour down their experience here.Together we can make a great community and raise happy , healthy and intelligent kids 🙂

So I spend most of the time online looking for some interesting games for my child and I came across this CVC Builders Activity Cards from hopscotch.I wasn’t aware that this require a letter set with it but I found out someways to play with my girl infact 2-3 ways.It happens when you are insane kind of person and would make anything work to justify your purchase to your husband 😀

So here is the video and if you have any question or comments related to the video then do let me know in the comment section.I would love to interact with you guys. 🙂

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