Quick Dry Sheet For Babies Review

I got this quick dry sheet during the last month of my pregnancy and it has become one of my favourite products. It was an impulse purchase. Along with it I also bought the conventional age old rubber sheets, on which, when your baby urinates, it starts flowing or accumulating in the middle like a pool.  These quick dry sheets have a cushion type of cloth on them.  It is not convinient sometimes but that does not deter me from using it.

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These sheets are easy to use and I like them so much that I even refuse to go to next room without them. What makes this product so amazing is that when then child wets herself, the sheet just absorbs all the liquid so the baby doesn’t feel wet and uncomfortable while lying on it. Our little one is something else. She starts crying even before she pees and that indication is my signal to rush and help her.
Unlike old rubber sheets this one is not heavy.  It’s really pretty light weight.  These are also very soft and travel friendly.  If you are wondering how it feels during summer well let me assure you the child does not feel too hot .

 Quick Dry Sheet Price :-

Lowest i found on flipkart where the small size was of INR 135.

quick dry sheet best sheet for bed wetting babies

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Three Sizes Of Quick Dry Sheets

  • small ones which are of 70×50 cms.

  • medium size – 70×100

  • large size – 140×100

 Below sheets was sent to me by zee 🙂 .These have detachable plastic sheets underneath it and one can change the cover .

foam sheets for babies

This too is an interesting concept but these are not light weight as the quick dry one.

sheets for bed wetting for babies

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What Are The Drawbacks Of Quick Dry Sheets:-

  • It takes almost one and half day to dry when I wash it therefore I try my best to keep baby from doing a big job on it.  That is the reason it should not be used under the bed sheet.
  • The company promises uninterupted sleep but this is not true at all.  I say this because the moment the cloth nappy gets wet baby starts crying at the top of her voice.

rubber sheet for kids beds rubber sheets for babies rubber sheets for bed

   I got this rubber mat as it was pink but now I just hate using it .Its disgusting to see whole of pee flowing every where.

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Will I recommend it to others? Definitely! It’s a great product that is easy to carry around, its porous, light weight and you won’t have your child’s pee flowing in all directions like with the rubber mat.

 Have you tried Quick Dry Sheets ?

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  1. I’m in love with these sheets too! When my baby was really small, i cut the sheet into two so that I’d have a spare when one is wet. I bought a bigger one separately when he outgrew it. The best part is that you can drop this in the washing machine. That way, it dries really fast. I also use it when i place baby in the rocker/feeding seat or car seat etc..

  2. The only thing to be careful is that I noticed that the body of the baby gets quite warm (sometimes hot) when they sleep on it for long. So, I tried to avoid using it on very hot days since I dint want the body temperature to rise.

  3. i agree with nafisa……they cause body heating despite the fact that they are porous…..but i still love them to conventional sheets……i purchesed two big sheets and cut them in halves…… i have four sheets at my disposal……i keep alternating two sheets on a daily basis…next day i wash those two and use the fresh ones lying around……..and not to mention that they look stylish…..

    • @ shilpa @ nafisa – they do have bit of body heat but as i always keep a baby cloth on it it prevents that..also like you i also keep it in the rocker and you gave me an amazing big one and then cut it into half..thank yaa..Shilpa and Naf ..some time i feel you both are giving same upbringing to your kids ..interesting na 🙂

  4. Agree with you all . . . It creates some body heat but we use cotton cloths over the quick dry . . . It was our savior for a long time until we came here and started using diapers all day long.

  5. u use diaper whole day Sunandha..?? how do you prevent rashes?

    • i too used diapers right from the moment by baby was born ana 🙂 My uncle had sent a huuuge carton of 0 size diapers n i dint want them to go to waste lol! But I always made sure i slather on baby jelly before putting on the diaper. That way, he never got rashes. The only time he got them was when he developed diarrhoea 🙁

      • i started using it whole day Naf and to my horror my baby got bad rashes so i am dead scared now.

        • anamika evn m using diapers fr my baby since day 1… what i do is change d diaper as soon as d baby soils it,or else every 4_6 hrs…dnt get scared,use rashfree or eazinapi cream .. apply it all over d bottom n let ti absorb by rubbing wid ur palm or fingers n then dust candid powder over it… dats it…

  6. maybe the diaper is not suiting her Ana.. try a different brand
    i always saw these quick dry ones in magazines.. so great to see an actual review..
    ya babys body will get hot sleeping on them no?
    those rubber ones everyone uses for bathing… but since u have baby bather.. no use for u 🙂

  7. aww! it even looks soft!! I want a blanket like that to cuddle in! 😉 I can imagine how much babies much love being on it!

  8. These are extremely useful. I still use them for my 17 month old daughter during day naps. The only drawback is , when used for long( months) the sheet loses it’s absorbing power. I got two new ones when my little one turned one. Also to prevent the heat, you can Place a soft cotton cloth on the sheet and put only the lower half of the baby on the sheet. My baby was born during the hottest month in vellore and this method worked good:) hope I helped.

    • Quick dry sheets are very very useful instead of using old rubber sheets.
      I have 3 big sheets of this kind as when they grow 6months and start rolling from front to back and back to front this is very very useful…i like this product except for getting it dry ….
      when they crawl i found this very helpful..

  9. Hi,

    I have two kids and have raised them up on these quick dry sheets only, the things to keep in mind with them are as below:

    1. Always use a cotton cloth over these quick dry sheets to prevent heating.
    2. as the sheets claim themselves to be porous and breathable, I have seen that the pee it crosses the cotton part (the decorative soft part) and goes to the rubber part( the white part) so I always use the folded in half to prevent wetting of my bed.
    3. whenever wash then put then the rubber part (the whiter one) towards the outside or towards the sun to help them dry really fast.

    Hope this will help.

  10. i never used this.. 😛

  11. Hi Anamika,

    My sons are not using then any more but yes the son of my sister in law is using it now. He is 5 months now.

  12. hiiii all i also using quick dry sheet but after several wash it’s not sooking………. when my baby wet it it’s not dried inside all the upper cloths of my baby wet.what to do…………

  13. Samyuktha says:

    Hi everyone,
    I am new to this blog. I have heard of quick dry reusable nappies. But I am not sure how it works. Has anyone used it? Can anyone please give me a review?

  14. Hi
    How long we can use a drysheet. ? I want to know the duration to use a sheet ?

  15. I m using quick dry for my 14 month baby girl i use it in her bed under her sheet but still sometimes by baby is sweating n due to this she wakes up
    can anyone give a idea what to do

  16. I bought dry sheet from its very good & Quick Dry Urine

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