Role Play For Kids- Zoo Activities For Preschool

Role Play For Kids- Zoo Activities For Preschool

Making your kids imagine themselves as a different person in a new situation forms the basis of role play. It is popular in Western countries but is yet to gain more popularity in India. Many good schools involve little children in role play to make them learn quite a lot of things. You can role play with your child at home just like I do. Use of props makes the scenario more real. I created a little zoo at home and played a scenario with my daughter where brother and sister are going to the zoo. It was fun and interesting to see her reactions. Before I tell you more about what I did, let me elaborate a little about the importance of role play.


Importance of Role Play For Kids

Role play or pretend play is something that goes beyond just fun for kids. They learn a lot of new things when put into imaginary situations.

It improves communication skills at a tender age. While playing a new role in a new situation, they have to discuss about new things. It improves their thinking ability and they learn many new words.

Children learn to deal with unexpected situations with the help of role play.They also work as a team and learn to deal with new people.

Role play is a very good way cognitive development as well. Kids have to make up scenarios in their minds which improves their problem solving skills. Role playing makes kids more creative. When they play a grown up, you also get to know what kind of impression you and other people are leaving on them.

How I role play with my daughter

As already mentioned, I made a model of zoo for our role play session. I made grass, well, fence, cage etc. with papers and sticks. I also labelled those things so that she gets to take a look at the words as well. I put pictures of various animals inside the little zoo. I asked her what the different things in the zoo were and helped her wherever she got stuck.

Creating a zoo model took some time but I feel that the effort was worth it. My daughter played the game with a lot of interest and learned in the process. I suggest all the mommies to try role playing with their kids and include other kids as well in the game.

I have made a video where you can see my little zoo and get inspired about what you want to do-

Do you Role Play With Your Kids?

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  1. This is really a nice idea n fun too. Never tried the zoo idea. Thanks for sharing the idea. I sometimes let my son play role of vegetable seller. He sets his vegetable stall and loves to sell veges back to me.. 😀 Its easy and kids learn to apply maths in real life.

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