Semolina Recipe For Babies – Porridge

Semolina is a best filler for babies. They taste very differently when slightly roasted and boiling of roasted semolina adds volume to all sorts of baby foods.

Here is a recipe of flavoring the semolina porridge with fruit smoothies. This preparation keeps the baby interested in tasting new food. Also satisfies baby’s hunger.

Semolina and fruit smoothies is one of the best ways to introduce your baby to the semi solid foods.

Preparation Procedure:

1)Take a non stick pan and roast 1-2tbsp. of sooji in a pan

2)After one minute when the semolina/sooji starts getting brown add half a cup of milk and bring it to boil.

3) Now take any fruit such as chiku/mango/banana and blend it up in 2-3tbsp of milk separately just like fruit shake.

4)Add the blended mixture to hot soozi /semolina milk mixture.Fruit will add nice texture of the semolina/soozi and will make it filling for the baby.

Semolina Recipe For Babies

Did you like the recipe? What are your favourite Semolina recipes for your baby?

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  1. I follow the same..My daughter loves it with banana.

  2. Yum! I feel like havin this myself!

  3. I am imagining the the frozen porridge of this recipe. It might taste like ice cream… 😛

  4. Might not have the creaminess of icecream into it i believe.

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