Skillofun Capital ABC Alphabet Shape Tray With Picture Review

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Skillofun Capital ABC Alphabet Shape Tray With Picture Review

Hey Mom!

Few months back I got this ABC Alphabet shape tray from flipkart and when received I thought its going to be really difficult for a 22 month old.My daughter was not even able to recognize the shapes of the alphabets let alone putting them back in the tray.

For few days we helped her out but she used to get irritated when she found herself incompetent to fill the alphabets. I thought I made a bad purchase and I will have to keep the  tray aside and wait for her to grow up a bit.:(

This is what the Skillofun company claims:-


learning ABCD kids

Key Features

  • Material: Medium Density Fibreboard
  • There are Sixteen Objects – Four per Category
  • Knobs to Lift The Letters
  • Provides An Initial Introduction to Alphabets
  • Sharpens Motor Skills
  • Each Side has Four Cavities of Different Categories – Transport, Animals, Fruits and Shapes
  • Identify Each Object and its Respective Cavity and ‘Post’ it in the Correct Cavity. The Object Must Fall into thePostingBox
  • This Wooden Toy Helps Beginners get a Solid Experience with Early Learning Concepts – Grip, Placement and Shape

The Capital Alphabet Tray with Picture from the house of Skillofun ensures unlimited fun and entertainment for your kids as they make their first attempt to learn alphabets.

Made From Wood

Crafted from wood, this Capital Alphabet Tray ensures long-lasting durability.

Knobs To Lift The Letters

A knob is fitted which can be used to lift the letters so that your child can see the hidden pictures underneath.

Provides An Initial Introduction To Alphabets

Designed with attractive and fun images, this Skillofun Capital Alphabet Tray acts as a great tool to introduce your kid to the world of alphabets.

Sharpens Motor Skills

By playing with this educational toy, your child’s motor skills are sharpened.


Made of non-toxic paints, this Skillofun Capital Alphabet Tray with Picture is safe for kids to play with.

You can get it from flipkart here

ABCD learning funschool

Skillofun Capital ABC Alphabet Shape Tray With Picture Experience:-

Just after 4-5 days I found my daughter actually placing the right alphabet at the right place.I was amazed how quickly she picked it up.Nowadays games are made with lots of thoughts and this is the reason even if they are bit expensive they are totally worth it.

These alpahbets are of wood so are completely safe for my girl.It has strong knob which makes the lifting of the letter easy.My daughter likes this so much that we took this along during our vacation as well.

Only problem which I came across is to store the alphabets.My daughter keeps throwing them here and there.Once I found she was throwing them from our balcony .I went down and picked all of them up but how long could my care last. She has lost many alphabets and I am thinking of repurchasing another one as I guess its one of the best ways of making your toddlers fall in love with beautiful world of alphabets.:-)

learning ABCD with games

What I like about Skillofun Capital ABC Alphabet Shape Tray With Picture:-

  • Makes child/toddler understand alphabets
  • Not expensive
  • Made of wooden material and its non toxic
  • Each Side has Four Cavities of Different Categories – Transport, Animals, Fruits and Shapes
  • Company has utilised even the back side of the board where kids can revise the alphabets.

What I do not like about Skillofun Capital ABC Alphabet Shape Tray With Picture:-

  • Storing alphabets is a big pain although company has given a black poly bag .

Will I recommend it to others – Definitely ! Especially for toddlers who are 20 months and above 🙂

You can buy from flipkart below

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  1. This is sitting in my cart right now for next months purchases…A d knobs r attached how? As in can they cm off easily? N there r so many varieties online..some cheapee than other…i dont get d dif…maybe the board is bigger?

    • Yaa..board is different in size so different r the prizes…They are sort of drawing boards pins and they don’t come off..They pull the alphabet itself..

      For Pravi u shold go for easier one ..may be like 1 to 10 level should be this one 🙂

  2. chandni says:

    this is great..

  3. What games do u like for your girl ?

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