Sprout For Babies|How To Make Dal For Babies

Before reading Chandana post  on sprouts, I was giving dal ka pani to my daughter but her post impressed me and I thought of giving sprouts  to her.I am explaining the sprouting technique which is a little lengthy process but once done, it gives immense satisfaction . All moms must be knowing how it feels when your child has nutritious food which is good for his/her health.

I am sprouting moong dal (green gram) here as it can be used in various ways. I soaked the green gram for around 12 hrs before washing it thoroughly in clean water .Add water in the bowl and cover up to 1 inch above the green gram as shown in the pic below.

The next day you will see the moong beans bigger in size. If you see remaining water on top then throw that away and keep the bowl for 2 days.You will see sprouts appearing and after one or two days you will see beautiful sprouts coming up.

There is another method where you can tightly wrap the spouts in a clean cotton cloth and keep them for about two days till the time you see sprouts coming out of the cloth.

BABIES FIRST Food soup sprouts+sprouts for babies

This is how they will look like. I then spread them out in a plate and keep it under the sun for 2-3 days till they completely dry out.

How to make dal sprouts for babies+moong dal for babies+soups for babies

Now after water evaporates from all the sprouts grind them into a mixer grinder. I don’t prefer making it into a fine powder.

I generally pressure cook 3tsp.  of this with 1tsp. of ghee(Indian butter)and get 2-3 whistle(My baby is six months old .You can increase or decrease the quantity as per your baby requirements/diet) . Cool it down and give it to the baby or otherwise mix it with powdered rice and make khichdi. This saves me lot of time as I don’t have to sieve or mash the ingredients  and yes utensils too.

I am going to start adding steamed vegetables after a while.

How to make kichdi for babies+ sprouts for babies

Do let me know your sprout recipe which you make for your baby ?

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  1. wow …u are super fast in experimenting the ideas. I take a hell lot of time to begin anything new..

  2. how could i miss it …these are such special days of my babies.

  3. thankyou so much anamika for this post…

    i did not knew we can give such food.
    can you please share the menu of your chottu what are you giving her daily?

    my kid is 6 months old …. i give her solids 2 times a day…
    lunch – veggie or fruit puree mixed with a spoon of store bought cereal rice/wheat
    dinner – farex ragi rice
    am little bored of this looking for ideas
    whatt all are you giving ana

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