Suji (Semolina) Recipe For Babies – 6th Month Baby Food

Last time when I talked about baby first food, I thought of introducing this section on the blog where new moms like us can discuss and share recipes. Gone are the days when baby food meant giving biscuits and only rice and dal to babies. New age moms want to develop healthy eating habits in their kids.

As my  baby is 6 months old, I am presently going to put up recipes which are suitable for babies between four to six month. For a four months old, introducing fruits and veggies is the best rest please ask your doctor as all babies are different.

Below suji (Semolina) recipe I just started recently.As most babies are fond of carrots, its a good way to make her eat semolina .

 This is how I prepared Semolina/Suji mixed with vegetables

  • In a small sauce pan add 1tbp. of butter and when it gets hot add 1tbsp. of semolina in it.
  • Saute semolina until golden brown.
  • Add water to cook suji.
  • Boil/steam grated /mashed carrot or any vegetable which your baby likes in it.
  • Take it out down from the stove and then add formula milk.

suji for baby+suji for infants

It is said that carrot can be introduced when your baby is six months old. They are easy to digest and are loaded with nutrients such as Vitamin A , Vitamin C and calcium but  before introducing anything CONSULT with your doc. Some doctors recommend carrot at seven months.

Do let me know what are the various ways you introduced carrot in your baby diet 🙂

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  1. Oh man!, so much thought goes kno mk in baby food?? I had no idea!

  2. Yeah….this is a very good recipe. I use it too. I use ghee instead of butter. And occasionally I add few drops of honey too.

    • i am going to try that out although i am still in two minds whether to give her honey or not.

      • since ur baby is just 6 months u can wait for some time, I guess. Well, daily honey is not good though. It turns the body into heat. observe how the baby reacts to every new food. Feeding babies require so much of patience and more of common sense.

  3. true..i am very carefull about it ..God knows! if she reacts to some food..till now she is ok with carrot, apples, rice, sweet potatoes.

  4. Nice recipe. I never gave sooji to my baby as she was allergic to it. Gave raagi from 5th month. I add lion dates syrup for sweetening . Better than sugar or honey. Also I gave pappu water(daal water) to get her into the mood of rice daal combo which I started later on.

  5. i gave upma to my my son was around 11 months.. he refused to eat mashed apple or carrot or anything that i prepare for him.. he started eating whatever we eat but with less spice and in semi-solid state.. 🙂

  6. My daughter used to love mashed rice + Masoor daal combo cooked together with carrots. I used to do a plain tadka with a pinch of rosted and powdered jeera pepper powder in ghee. She used to gulp it down. Slowly. Checking on her reaction I added veggies one by one – potato, a cabbage leaf, few peas etc..

  7. My son is just six months old..I am giving sooji porridge made with jaggery syrup..he likes and in the evening rice with any dal and one veggie, mixed with salt n bit confused abt adding ghee..

  8. O sure u can add ghee. I do ghee at home though. Ghee is good for memory development and smoothening of digestive track of the baby. It’s very good for the baby.

  9. I am from nigeria and so can’t get some of these ingredients but semolina with egg yolk cooked in low heat was a pass with my older baby, although my 9month old refuses is much choosy than she was hence my visit here. Any advice will be much appreciated

    • Im from Nigeria so I have nt heard some names of ingredient bt I want to ask if I can just boil the semolina like pap&add any fruit available&milk. Though my baby is 1& half years I wantbt doesn’t eat solid bt because she skinny I want to introdice dis bcos I heard it makes baby fat. How true is dis please?

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