Sunday Cheat Meal – Meri Maggi

Sunday Cheat Meal – Meri Maggi

I can’t wait for Sunday! It’s MY day and my brain start picturing so many mouth watering delicacies…From Briyani’s to aalo ka parantha to Pizza’s but most of the time I end up eating Maggi. I don’t believe in banning food from my diet especially when it comes to Maggi because …No single food item is healthy or unhealthy. I believe in eating a balance of meals, everything in moderation and of course, hitting the gym.

I have so many childhood memories with my brother which I am now trying to create with my daughter now. Once in a while I surprise her by making Maggi in the lunch but only after she finishes two fruits which are a must for the day. I get her the usual masala Maggi and I relish the Maggi hot heads peri per flavour. Sometimes if I have the time I secretly grate veggies in it which my daughter doesn’t come to know and take pride in feeding her a balanced diet 🙂

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Few days ago, one of my friends was asking me if I am aware of the Maggi and its balanced nutrition. I was aware of few things but then I googled more and found that a balanced diet must provide about 50-60% of calories from carbohydrates, 10-15% from protein and 20-30% by fat. Interestingly Maggi Noodles also have a similar breakup of its nutrients. Although one must not only eat Maggi and should try to balance it out we must have fruits and veggies to stay fit and healthy. Like I said moderation works!


Also with my research I found that before packing the Maggi noodles noodles cake goes through 5 step cooking process where in they steam the noodles first .Steaming process is somewhat similar to our idli making process where we have the water below and steam take place above.After steaming comes the baking process and then the third process which involves frying the noodles for a minute or may be little more.Frying is done to reduce the moisture level of the noodles and its a quick process .This helps in keeping the noodles cake stay fresh for long durations .This method also helps in cooking the noodles in just one two minutes .Last and the final process involves drying the fried noodles and cooling them off.

So now, being better informed, I can eat Maggi on my Sunday, Fundays especially while catching up on the latest Bollywood gossip because what fun is life if you take it super seriously.



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