10 Tips To Manage Twins

10 Tips To Manage Twins   TWINS … it is so good to look at two cute babies together and to play with them is always a treat. But ask the mother of the twin babies, how does she manage them? Not an easy thing even to imagine then think upon how hard it is actually to take care of twins. Every family makes adjustments for a new baby and when there are twins coming, we need to take a lot of extra adjustments and care. Twins double the happiness but they do come with a demand of double … [Read more...]

Indian Baby Names from C

Do you have a new born in your home? Yet to name? Boy or a Girl? Lot of suggestions around you? Confused? Tired of arguing with your partner on zeroing with your baby’s name? We here are putting up a list of 100 baby names beginning from C. Hope the list will be of good help to you.     Baby Girl … [Read more...]

100 Indian Baby Girls Names

  Indian baby girl names Selecting name for our baby began when I was in my last trimester. We had a great belief that we  would have a a baby girl… When we started with female names, every body popped a confused question towards me and my husband….”You already know it is a girl… !!??”. … No, we did not know. But yet our faith came  true.     My hubby was adamant on naming our daughter as Neha. I was stuck to Avanni. Oooops… we have had so many arguments and … [Read more...]