5 Simple Baby Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

You can make your birthday party either a simple affair with just food  and drinks or make it an memorable affair by putting in little more effort.Birthday decoration is one thing which is completely your choice.Either you want it or you don't want it .It's never a compulsion atleast in India. Below are some of the birthday decor tips which one can take ideas from.You can always change things as per your theme , budget and requirement. Below we tried to create a door which has all balloons on it … [Read more...]

Baby First Birthday Party Games Ideas

I had never attended any kids birthday party and this was the first time I got the chance to organize a birthday party. Initially I had no idea how to go about it . I thought arranging  food and getting dressed up will be the most important thing and nothing much is needed if you are hosting a party in a nice hotel. Nothing could be far from truth. Whether you host the party in your house or hotel, one definitely needs to have some interesting  idea for kids to keep them occupied .This way even … [Read more...]