18 Basic Things To Pack In Hospital Bag

18 Basic Things To Pack In Hospital Bag   It is always good to plan before time and same applies for baby-birth. It is suggested that you plan your bag early and pack it once you complete 34 weeks. Check what your hospital provides and pack accordingly. Also make sure that your hospital allows what you are going to carry with you. Here are some basic things that you will need in your maternity hospital bags:     Gown- Bring at least two gowns that have zip or … [Read more...]

Must Have In Maternity Hospital Bag

I am in my ninth month of pregnancy and few days back one of my friends asked me if I have prepared my maternity hospital bag. When she mentioned this I was kind of confused because when you are pregnant whole world gives you advice. It's not that their advises are bad or something, it's just that they often contradict so much . For example , one of my relatives advised me to mop the floor in last month so that I can have normal delivery, but later on another relative told me not to do that … [Read more...]